In our quest to learn how to improve shot selection, The Golf Shack Academy on tour found our way to Archerfield Links, East Lothian, Scotland.

Whilst there, we caught up with Gary Nicol, European Tour coach at TPEGS coaching, also based at Archerfield.

Bunker play can often be the nemesis of professional golfers as well as amateurs. Gary talks us through the basic principles that will help you become more confident in those green side bunkers.

The 4 steps to becoming a better bunker player

 Step 1

Before you do anything you need to decide what the ball needs to do. Does the ball need height and to stop quick, or does it need a lower flight and run out to the flag. Make that decision before you do anything else.


Step 2

Get your club selection right- It’s imperative to go into a bunker with the correct club. Make sure you choose a club with the correct loft and correct bounce.

Step 3

Use the bounce correctly- It’s key you know how to use the bounce when playing bunker shots. In order to use the back edge of the sole properly you need to move the ball slightly further forward in the stance and really focus on the entry point so you hit the sand exactly where you want to.

Step 4

Really focus on the entry point- How much sand you take determines how far the ball will go. Make sure you are aiming a balls width behind the object ball in order to avoid a thin strike.

If you aim to far behind the ball you may end up taking too much sand and struggle to get the ball out of the bunker.