Our equipment expert has tested the latest FJ range – and explains why this particular brand are getting women's gear right

I love a new pair of golf shoes to test so you can imagine my excitement when three brand new pairs from FootJoy arrived on my desk. So let’s take a look at the new FootJoy women’s golf shoes for 2020…

FootJoy women’s golf shoes 2020: First impressions

I really like the styling of all three of the offerings I have tested from FootJoy. I opted to try the pink and silver BOA Pro SL, the white and silver laced Pro SL, and the pink and white Flex. (I like pink, get over it.)

footjoy womens golf shoes 2020


The Flex is clearly the sportiest in styling which is great as it can easily double up as a trainer in the gym or when I’m out and about. The Pro SL is a more formal golf shoe but all colourings have a sleek classic style which I love.

FootJoy women’s golf shoes 2020: The Technology

The new infinity outsole in the Pro SL means there are more points of contact between shoe and ground – 189 to be exact (see main photo) – and what FootJoy are calling the ‘Powerharness’ works by providing more medial and lateral stability.

FootJoy say they the innovative and integrated sole design makes them the most comprehensive spikeless golf shoe in its history to combine comfort and grip.

In the Flex, FootJoy have built on the success of its launch in 2019 and expanded the range to include a women’s model. The lightweight upper mesh and moulded EVA FitBed cushion make them very comfortable.

footjoy womens golf shoes 2020

FootJoy women’s golf shoes 2020: NCG Verdict

It’s hard to emphasise how good the Pro SL are. With the updated looks and shaping it almost feels like a completely different range of shoe from last year.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s put right under your nose – or feet, in this case. The shoe fits completely differently to last seasons offering, the base feels wider and more stable, but the upper still fits tight to hold your foot in place.

I would say in the Pro SL the fit with the BOA is slightly better just because you have the ability to use the dial to really get the fit perfect for you.

footjoy womens golf shoes 2020

The stability and grip is definitely the area where I’ve noticed the most improvement, it’s not that the 2019 model were bad in this area its just they have made some massive improvements over the last 12 months.

I definitely felt like I could use the ground better to generate force with the slightly wider base that the new sole design offers. It also provided more stability around the ankle joint which is great for promoting good ankle and leg movement in the golf swing.

I have been thoroughly impressed by both these shoes and there is no doubt in my mind I will be putting these in play in a tournament when we’re finally allowed out to compete again.

footjoy womens golf shoes 2020

The Flex is what I would consider a more summer or casual shoe and impressed me most on comfort level. Throughout lockdown I have found myself slipping these on regularly to do abit of practice in the garden or to wear as a trainer substitute.

Clearly they look great but they are also extremely comfortable and I have found them becoming my go-to shoe for everyday activities that you can do in so few other golf shoes.

footjoy womens golf shoes 2020

The sole design still gives you good traction but overall I would say this shoe is slightly less stable than the Pro SL. What I mean by that is it is more flexible so gives your foot more ability to move or slide. For some people this will be favourable. Personally I prefer something that holds my foot stiller but would still use these for casual rounds and for practising. Infact I’ve found myself wearing my trainers significantly less since I got these.

Generally my biggest gripe about women’s golf equipment is that it is a bad rip off of the men’s version, dumbed-down technology with a girly touch. FootJoy don’t do that.

I am really impressed with how FootJoy have provided all the tech a golfer could need in a package that fits a woman’s foot so well. And I love the pink. Honestly, I do!


Available: Now

RRP: £124.99 (Pro SL); £79.99 (Flex)

More information: FootJoy website

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Hannah Holden

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