As well as looking great, the FootJoy Hyperflex is packed with new technology. Hannah Holden and Alex Perry take a closer look

If there’s one thing I can never get enough of, it’s new shoes. I particularly like shoes that turn heads – and that’s exactly what the FootJoy HyperFlex does.

These are the sportiest model of the 2021 FootJoy family so I’ve roped in Alex Perry – NCG’s self-appointed sneaker freak – to say a few words.

FootJoy HyperFlex: First impressions

“When I pulled these out of the box it was the first time I was seeing them in any form,” Alex explains. “Wow. That’s an eye-catcher! In the HyperFlex, FootJoy have found a design that really appeals to the golfer who prefers a sportier shoe.

“Secondly, they look phenomenally comfortable. And once they were on my feet, they did not disappoint.

“Thirdly, I was surprised when I turned them over and saw they were spikes. You just expect a shoe that looks like this to be spikeless.

“But this isn’t just about how good they look. The Hyperflex have been built from scratch and the technology is very impressive.”

Speaking of which…

FootJoy HyperFlex: The technology

FootJoy Hyperflex

The key new technology is very clear to see on the outside of the shoe in the form of the all new “wrapid” closure system, featuring a new Boa fit.

This is to provide a tighter precision fit without adding pressure on the top of the foot – but it also really adds to the aesthetics of the shoe.

FootJoy Hyperflex

This whole shoe has an athletic style and this is by no mistake. It is shaped with a slightly narrower heel and full rounded toe to give it a more sporty appeal.

They feature a new outsole called ‘Optiflex’ – grooves that flex with the movement of your foot to ensure everything stays where it should throughout the swing as well as added comfort.

FootJoy Hyperflex

Talking of comfort there is also a layer of stratofoam cushioning to absorb shock and give maximum energy return. And that red section on the heel? That’s an extra moulded fitbed for further comfort and control.

Finally, great news for everyone living in the UK – the Hyperflex are waterproof and come with a one-year waterproof warranty as standard.

FootJoy HyperFlex: NCG verdict

Back to Alex…

“The third lockdown in England has put a temporary delay to me testing these with a club in my hand – but I have been wearing them to walk in. (If you’re reading Boris, don’t worry it’s only once a day.)

“I’m sticking my neck out here, but these are the most comfortable FootJoy shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. That little ‘sock’ around the ankle is as dreamy as it looks.

FootJoy Hyperflex

“I know I’m prone to gushing when it comes to trainers, but I’m psyched to get these out on the course and see how all that new technology performs under the pressure that is my clunky swing.

“Be sure to check back in for an update.”

FootJoy HyperFlex: The details

Available: February 1, 2021

RRP: £129.99; £149.99 (BOA)

More info: FootJoy website

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