It's the area of the game where you can often gain the most on your competition. Here's five simple tips that can help you improve your driving

Driving the ball well is one of the best feelings a golfer can experience. Although rare, when your tee game is on point, golf can almost seem easy. I’ve put together five simple driving tips designed to help you drive the ball better more often…

Driving tips: Posture

driving tips

It goes without saying that good posture and alignment are essential to executing good shots, but nowhere is this more important than when you’ve got the big stick in your hands. Any mistakes here and the results could be disastrous.

A common fault among amateurs is excessive rounding of the upper body at address with the pelvis tucked underneath. From here, it is difficult to make a full backswing and get the club working on a good path.

Instead, feel like you stick your backside out slightly at address to straighten your spine. From this dynamic position, you’ll be able to generate more power and achieve more consistent results.

Driving tips: Ball position and weight distribution

driving tips

With driver in hand, efficiency is vital – the last thing you want is to lose yards unnecessarily.

Check your ball position and make sure it’s far enough forward in your stance. We’ve all heard about the left heel but don’t be afraid to nudge it up to the middle of the left foot. Not only will this promote an upward strike but it’ll help you get your full weight behind the shot, improving delivery and maximising distance.

Driving tips: Tee height

driving tips

This is something that is often overlooked but is well worth keeping in mind. The right tee height doesn’t just help with the quality of strike but encourages you to get into a better position to effectively deliver club to ball.

Ideally, the middle of the ball should be in line with the top of the driver but experiment to find what feels right for you. Once you’ve done this, adjust the height to suit the requirements of the shot you’re facing.

Driving tips: Swing trigger

driving tips

Tension is one of the biggest killers for both power and accuracy. However, when you address the ball and look up to see a myriad of hazards, it can be difficult to stay relaxed.

If you’re struggling, try hovering the club or using a trigger like a forward press to signal the brain to begin your swing.

Driving tips: Passive takeaway

driving tips

A smooth takeaway is essential for getting the club working back on a good path. If you get out of sync early, you’ll have to make compensations later in the swing which will affect your ability to strike the ball consistently.

Use this drill to get back on track. Place your hands just below the grip and, as you begin your swing, ensure the arms and body move away together and the butt end points towards your stomach. If it isn’t, you’re likely losing connection and hinging the wrists too early.

If you’re struggling with your driving, it can often be a simple fix. Give these a go next time you’re practising and see how you get on.

Got anything else you’re working on this winter? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.