JUSTIN Rose put the LETHAL ball into play after just one day of testing. Under the prototype name ‘Project 5’ the Englishman played the ball for three FedEx Cup events, then at the Ryder Cup before winning the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final.

After creating PENTA, the first 5-layer Tour ball, TaylorMade have refined the construction to offer improved performance in all wind conditions with longer and straighter shots as well as better control.

LETHAL features five separate layers that provide a ‘layer for every shot’, optimising spin and launch through the bag. It also employs something called Progressive Velocity which means the fastest layers of the ball are on the outside, which maximises velocity regardless of swing speed. 

So LETHAL can be played by tour professionals and amateurs of all levels.

Once the construction and spin rates are developed, the aerodynamics are designed to fit that specific ball. The correct aerodynamic pattern can significantly increase distance.  

TaylorMade’s Low Drag Performance (LDP) dimple pattern is designed to minimise distance loss on low spin shots and, towards the end of the flight, a higher ball velocity will maintain lift and provide longer distance. 
"LETHAL features five separate layers that provide a ‘layer for every shot’" TaylorMade say: “We designed LETHAL to further maximise distance, extend the second stage of flight, and control spin and aerodynamics when playing into the wind.”

Available: February 1

SRP: £44.99 per dozen