What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on the EVNROLL EV5.2 putter

With the Evnroll V Series putter line growing in 2023, the new EV 5.2 Duo putter is a familiar shape that features the same face technology that makes Evnroll putters popular among golf club technology geeks. So how did it perform? Find out in our Evnroll EV5.2 putter review.

EVNROLL EV5.2 Putter Review: NCG Summary

evnroll ev5.2 duo putter
4.5 star review

This putter is an impressive piece of technology. Super customisable with many features to help you putt better and more consistently.

Putts roll off this putter so well; you really notice the stability and soft feel from the face; it is hard to believe how straight your miss-hits come off the blade.


  • Beautiful shape
  • Loads of custom options
  • High MOI means miss-hits perform really well.


  • A bit pricey

EVNROLL EV5.2 Putter

Now: £369
evnroll ev5.2 putter

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First Impressions

The lines on this putter are so clean. I couldn’t tell you if it’s the two-tone head, the standard single top sightline, the linear rear wing, or the two longer lines, but standing over this putter, there are so many ways to line up correctly it genuinely gives you the feeling you can’t miss.

The entire putter has a super high-end feel to it. A bit like going into a Louis Vuitton shop; you know every part of it is made from the highest quality materials, and you are getting the best possible product. My first impressions are very good.

evnroll ev 5.2 duo

NCG Review

As a blade putter die-hard, I don’t often get excited about mallet putters. Too big, too clunky, too face balanced, and often with giant grips mean I’ve not had many last long in my bag. Evnroll, however, allowed me the choice of head style, hosel style, alignment aids, and finish, which meant I was able to order a putter that really suits my eye and my putting style.

My initial feelings were brilliant, I find that often mallets feel closed to me, which emphasises the pull that upsets me greatly, but the Evnroll EV5.2 just sits so square and beautifully behind the ball. I love the line on the top of the head that runs directly into the ball.

evnroll putter

Once we get past the aesthetics of the putter, the head is jam-packed with technology that might actually improve your game. Each of Evnroll’s putters have a milled 303 stainless steel head with its ‘sweet face technology’

Sweet face technology is what Evnroll have called their variable groove thickness technology, which means that putts from the heel and toe will roll the same distance to a putt hit out of the centre. This is a huge victory for golfers as they a) don’t practice their putting and b) don’t regularly hit the middle of the face as often as they believe.

I found that although the precision CNC milled 303 stainless steel face felt a little soft, after a few minutes of lag-putting practice, I grew to love the feel and don’t want to go back to a firmer-faced putter. It’s nice to feel like you can make a positive stroke.

sweetface technology

I’ve had this putter in the bag now for a few rounds and absolutely love it. I love the stealthy black shaft and black grip. The parallel and perpendicular aiming aids are helping me hit my start lines a lot more often than before, and I feel like a robot inside 5 feet which is amazing.

The grooved hitting area makes you feel like the sweet spot of the putter is huge, so you don’t really think much about miss-hits. Evnroll have added loads of adjustable weights onto the bottom of the head so that it can be swing weighted perfectly to your desired feel in a fitting session, which is not something many brands can offer you.

You also have the ability to unscrew and fully remove the shaft and hosel out of the head and swap into a different configuration which would give you a different lie angle, face balance, and length in a matter of minutes.

evnroll putter review

If you’re a golf tech geek and are looking to swap out your flat stick for something new, or just looking to invest in a putter that will help your performance, you absolutely must give the Evnroll EV5.2 putter a go. It is a bit pricey at nearly £400, but it’s well worth the investment. The customisation alone is worth the cost; it really is a brilliant putter.

EVNROLL EV5.2 Putter: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: $419

Shaft lengths: 33 – 35 inches

More information: Evnroll Website

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Jack Backhouse

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