There have been reports of Ernie Els being very prickly with the media after the final round of the US Open at Merion.

A closer look at the transcriptions from the press conference reveals he stormed out after essentially being told he was wrong to suggest the winning score would be under par.

At the start of the week, Els is quoted as saying: “I see a very close race with a lot of players in contention this year, unlike other U.S. Opens.  

“It’s going to be under par, you’ll be seeing quite a few numbers in the red.”

When quizzed on his comments following the final round that saw a score of one-over take the title, the South African said: “I didn’t say that.

“Let’s get this straight. Somebody else said it. And I didn’t agree with it. So let’s just get the stuff straight here.”

When pushed further, he added: “Am I wrong or right? I’m out of here.”