First impressions

I’ve been playing the Vokey SM5 wedges for the past year so was very excited by the arrival new SM6 version to see what was different.

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I have to say I was actually quite surprised at what looked to me like a much more playable wedge which wasn’t intimidating at all.

Vokey’s are the number one wedges on the PGA Tour and have always appealed to the better player. I certainly don’t fit into that category but relish short-game challenges and have had some success with my Vokey’s – particularly after a proper fitting with Bob Vokey himself.

Getting fitted for Vokey wedges with Bob Vokey

If I had any slight issue with my SM5’s it was probably that I struggled a bit with them on full shots.

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To me the SM6 wedges look a bit larger than the SM5’s and they have a much more user-friendly look and feel.

The technology

The SM6 wedges have some really cool new technology to help improve precision and distance control.

Traditionally, the centre of gravity on wedges has got lower and lower as the loft gets higher.

But Titleist and Vokey have incorporated a new design in SM6 which aligns the CG with the impact position of each loft to produce precise distance and trajectory control.

In the lower lofted clubs, (46º-52º) the SM6 models feature a low CG that increases ball speed.


The mid lofts (54º & 56º) feature a mid CG position, precisely aligned between the low lofts and high lofts, that provides precise distance gapping.

High lofts (58º-62º) feature a high CG position that produces tighter distance dispersion, improved trajectory control and better feel. The high CG position is precisely aligned with the impact position of high lofted wedges, higher on the face.

It is visible technology, highlighted by a raised upper section.

There’s also new Spin Milled TX4 grooves which deliver more spin (up to 200rpm more spin on average than SM5) with more consistent spin control.

The new SM6 wedges also some in the five tour-proved sole grinds (L, M, S, F, K) which help players get the right wedges for their game and the conditions they play in.

Vokey wedges – bounces and grinds explained

NCG Verdict

I tested the new SM6 Vokey wedges out on the range and on the course and found the performance to be excellent.

Something which was really pleasing to me was the performance on fuller shots with my 50˚.  I found a bit more consistency and general ease of use.

My 56˚ and 60˚ performed just as I expected and I’ll probably need a bit more time to vouch for any improvements in spin-rate.

In conclusion, there are some tangible improvements here in look and performance.

If you’ve never been into Vokey’s I would definitely recommend giving the SM6 a try. If you’ve been playing the SM5 Vokey’s then it may be a little early for an upgrade but I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

These are very playable wedges which look and feel fantastic and are great fun to play with.

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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