First impressions

Well, the first impression here is why are Titleist releasing hybrids in their irons launch?

You may not know that Titleist launch irons every two years and metals every two years.


Last year we had the 915 metals launch which included a 915H and a 915HD.

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So why have we got another hybrid range now? Especially seeing as the 915 hybrids were among the best performing clubs over the last year.

Titleist explained to NCG that this was very much a fitting decision rather than anything to do with a need to improve the product.

They say people get fitted for hybrids when they get fitted for irons so it seemed logical to move the hybrid over to the irons cycle. When your 4-iron doesn’t out perform your 5-iron, that’s where the hybrid comes in to plug that gap.


There’s a new grey, metallic finish on the 816 hybrids compared to a black metallic finish with 915.

This took me a while to get used to as I’m very familiar with the black finish.

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With the headshape on the new H1, I couldn’t notice much difference from 915H.


The H2 hybrid has a very similar shape as the 915HD which is slightly more compact than 915H/H1.

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The tech

The H1 launches slighter higher, flies further and lands softer while the H2 offers more distance but with iron-like control.

We’ve still got the active recoil channel (ARC) in the sole of the club which helps the thin face to flex and create more ball speeds.

One of the significant improvements with H1 & H2 is that the edges of the ARC have been beveled to improve turf interaction.

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Anyone who is familiar with the 915 hybrid will know that turf gets stuck in the arc and needs removing.

I always thought there should have been an additional tool or cleaning brush which came with the product.

Apparently caddies on tour will be particularly happy with this new development!Â

There’s also the excellent SFT adjustability to change lofts and launch conditions.

The performance/NCG Verdict


The 915 hybrids are superb so I was very surprised to see a new one out so soon.

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The H1 and H2 are not hugely different so if you’ve got a 915 in the bag, I don’t think you need to panic into replacing it.

But if you missed out on the 915 then you should definitely get involved now!

These are excellent golf clubs which look great, go miles and are very forgiving – theres’ nothing not to like.

I do prefer the black finish but if there was one thing I’d want to improve about the 915 it was the turf getting stuck in the active recoil channel and Titleist have done that.

And the ARC comes into play when hitting hybrids off the turf, possibly more than with the other metalwoods in the 915 range. It really helps you get that nice high launch.

These clubs really need to be hit for it to be appreciated how good they are.

They are up there when it comes to distance with anything else on the market but have a really nice sound and feel to boot.

Star Rating: ★★★★★ (5)


Available: October 2015
Lofts: 19, 21, 23, 25 and 27Ëš(H1 only).
SRP: £205
Shafts:  Mitsubishi Diamana, Aldila Rogue

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