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A welcome move into the game improvement market, writes James Savage

First Impressions: Srixon have been make fantastic looking and performing irons for some time. The latest offerings, Z945, Z745 and Z545 were aimed more at the low handicappers and tour pros.

Shane Lowry for example, uses a combination of the Z945 and Z745.

So with the new Z355 and Z155 irons we are seeing a move towards “all ability” irons with the Z155 being specifically designed for the higher handicappers.


This is good news as Srixon clubs look superb and perform really well but now they have a bit more forgiveness and ease of use.

Testing out the Z355 irons I found the look at address to be just about right for me (17 handicap). They are not overly chunky while still inspiring plenty of confidence.
There is a good blend of premium Japanese material, design and craftsmanship” 22714|c:520x330.img

The Tech

One of the key technologies in the Z355 irons is something that Srixon are calling Action Mass. This also features in their new Z355 driver, fairways and hybrids.

It basically involves moving the balance point of the shaft higher and then adding more weight to the head making it easier to hit with faster ball speeds, more forgiveness and consistency.

The new irons also feature the Srixon VT sole which improves interaction with the turf.

NCG Verdict

I spent a good amount of time testing out the Z355 irons using our ES14 portable launch monitor (available at

The data was very pleasing, particularly from a consistency and forgiveness point of view. My average carry distance was 150 yards which is exactly what I’d expect from my 7-iron.

But after hitting around 25 shots I found the front-to-back dispersion was pretty tight.

Even when I didn’t hit it it very well, the shortest carry distance I recorded was 134 yards.

The longest carry distance was 160 yards but that was just one shot out on it’s own where I might have had a bit of a flier.

The launch and spin rate numbers were also very good.

Srixon have a premium Nippon steel shaft as a stock option and I found this really light and easy to swing.

There is a good blend of premium Japanese material, design and craftsmanship which results in a fantastic overall package.

The new Z 355 and Z 155 irons feature Action Mass in both graphite and steel shaft options, either Miyazaki Jinsoku graphite or the lightweight Nippon NS Pro 950GH DST.

The Z155 is also available in a ladies set.


SRPs: 5-PW Steel: £499, Single iron: £83.50
5-PW Graphite: £549, Single iron: £91.50

SRPs: 5-PW Steel: £499, Single iron: £83.50
5-PW Graphite: £549, Single iron: £91.50

Z155 Ladies
SRPs: 6-PW Graphite: £459, Single iron: £91.50

Star Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

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