They are known for being the putter that propelled Zach Johnson to two Major titles but SeeMore have been around longer than you think.

Remember Payne Stewart’s 15-footer at the last to win the US Open back in 1999, a shot that crowned one of the greatest displays of clutch putting?

It was with a SeeMore putter that he clinched his second national title, only a few months before he tragically died in a plane crash.

The brand was relaunched in 2007 and has been on an upward curve – thanks partly to Johnson’s Masters victory that very year with a SeeMore FGP.

Johnson then won the Open Championship in a playoff at St Andrews in 2015 and Russell Knox also gave SeeMore more prestige when taking the PGA Tour’s Travelers Championship in August.


So what is it about the putter that’s got everyone talking?

It’s all about two words – RifleScope Technology.

Imagine a gun sight and lining up with your intended target. It’s a similar principle that guides SeeMore putters.

You line up the bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines – the aim being to cover a signature red dot on the heel of the top line.

When that is done, it indicates that you’ve lined up correctly and are in the position to make the best stroke and the best chance to put the ball in the hole.


SeeMore recommend custom fitting for their putters and there are more than 800 certified instructors, fitters and salespeople worldwide.

We caught up with Melvyn Fern, who makes many of the SeeMore putters on sale in the UK, to find out more about the brand and how to utilise the RifleScope Technology…