Have you got the right golf glove?

It’s not the sexiest piece of golf equipment but nearly all of us rely on one and are lost without it. And if there’s anything about gloves that Maria Bonzagni, FootJoy’s senior director of marketing, doesn’t know, it’s probably not worth knowing. I quizzed her earlier this year in Florida.

1. Why should I wear a glove? “It’s the closest point of contact between you and the club. You need a strong connection.”

2. Is the fit important? “It’s just like all your other equipment. You need to get fit for the properly fitting glove.”

3. What’s a good fit? “It needs to feel like a second skin. If it’s too big you’ll have movement which creates friction-wear on the glove and blisters on your hand.”

4. What model should I wear? “Are you looking for feel? Durability? Water resistance? More flexibility? Added grip? All these are important in deciding which glove is right.”

5. Is a certain glove going to improve my grip? “The best advice I can always give is for people to consult their golf professional and work with them to test products out.”

right golf glove

6 . Do I need a rain glove? “Yes. With a rain glove the wetter it gets the better it grips.”

7. How many rounds would one glove last? “A round isn’t the same for all. If you practise by hitting a basket of balls, play 18, have a routine with a practice swing, that’s like four rounds in a day.”

8. What are the signs my glove needs putting in the bin? “A massive hole is pretty evident! There are wear points on the glove which could show that you need a grip lesson or that you need a new glove.”

9. Why should I spend money on a decent glove? “How much are you spending on balls? A glove is probably going to last longer than a dozen balls. Why not have the best product on your hand when it’s the only part touching the club?”

10. Will I play better? “Well, the last thing you do before you hit your ball is put that velcro on. You tee your ball up, fasten your glove, you’re ready to go. You need the glove to look and feel just right.”