First impressions

This is a very strong 3 wood with just 13˚ of loft. It’s what previously might have been referred to as a driving 3 wood but Ping say this club is much more versatile than that and not just a product which is going to hit it out there flat.

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Personally, I love the idea of a strong 3 wood as I like to hit 3 wood regularly from the tee as I feel it helps me keep my rhythm better during a round rather than just hitting driver all the time.

The trade-off with a club like this would be that you are not going to get any use out of it from the deck. But this club sits really tightly to the floor – much more so than the Ping G30 3 wood. If you look at the sole you can see it is much flatter so it rests perfectly on the ground when addressing the ball. This makes it look much more appealing to hit.


The Tech

Unsurprisingly Ping say this club is engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and from shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13° loft, and lower spin.

The theory behind the leading edge sitting lower to the ground it so that impact occurs higher on the face.

The Stretch features the thinnest crown ever in a Ping fairway wood which allows the centre of gravity to be pushed low and back ensure high launch, low spin and extreme forgiveness.

It also has the Turbalator technology which we saw in the G30 range to help get more speed through the air.


Performance/NCG Verdict

I had no problem at all getting this launching from the deck which is really nice to see which a low-lofted fairway wood.

It’s clearly very, very long. For me on tee shots this is only 10 or 15 yards behind my driver.

I love the way it sits behind the ball, it’s got a great shape and a little bit of added depth and it really feels like the ball is jumping off the face when you hit it.


This, for me, was a club that I felt was going to be straight in the bag for the 2016 season.

We should really learn to trust Ping because their products do exactly what they say they are going to do.

Loft: 13Ëš
SRP: £220