Odyssey have announced the release of their latest range of adjustable counterbalanced putters as part of the Odyseey Works Tank Cruiser family.

The Tank Cruiser line, is available in the familiar and iconic #1, #7, 2-Ball Fang and V-Line models that fans have come to recognise – this new range aims to offer a quicker and purer roll than in previous generations.

The adjustable Tank counterbalance head weighting and grip weighting has been added into each design in the range to allow golfers the ability to dial in the perfect combination of balance and weight – providing a more consistent stroke.





Odyssey’s Chief Designer Austie Rollinson, said: O-Works is a high performance technology platform that takes everything Odyssey knows about putting and puts it to work. The new Tank Cruiser line is incredible, combining four of our key technologies for the first time Tour proven head designs; the Fusion RX insert; Major-winning Versa alignment; and adjustable head and grip weighting.

The result is a family of highly adjustable putters like no other, focused on getting the golf ball rolling purer, faster, and on-line more often.
Key Features:

  • Quicker Roll – Fusion RX 

Taking Odyssey’s most legendary insert of all time, and combining it with the Fusion RX Insert to create ‘feel meets roll’ performance. By using the White Hot insert and overlaying it with an ultra-thin stainless steel mesh, featuring a patented Metal-X roll pattern, it reduces skid and gets the ball rolling quicker and purer.

  • Major Winning performance – Versa Alignment

The silver and black contrast focuses your eyes on the linear design of each putter, ensuring the maximum focus is given to improving face angle at address and through impact.

  • Perfect Balance – Adjustable Counterbalance Weighting

Adjust the head weight and grip weight to dial in the perfect putter balance. Counterweighting options of 5g, 15g and 30g allow the golfer to maximize the feel and stability for their game, ensuring the most consistent putting stroke possible.

  • Validated by World’s best – Tour Proven Head Shapes

The #1, #7, 2-Ball Fang and V-Line are four of Odyssey’s most prolific models, which continually feature on global professional Tours, week-in, week-out, and account for numerous victories in the hands of the world’s great players.

SRP: £219