The Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds – the perfect testing ground for a trolley that’s designed to perform at its best on undulating courses.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review – First impressions

To the untrained eye this looks like a regular Motocaddy S1. And that’s a good thing as the S1 is arguably the brand’s most successful model.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review

The S1 DHC features the same upgrades which the S1 received for 2016 which we’ve detailed below.

When you take it out of the box, assembly time is literally seconds. The frame comes together with ease and the wheels pop on very easily.

Once assembled, it’s a simple and stylish looking trolley that feels incredibly well-made.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review – The Tech

We’ll get to the DHC bit in a second but to summarise, the S1 DHC incorporates a number of new improvements, including a soft-touch ergonomic handle, low-profile, quick release wheels, a streamlined battery tray and the super-fast Quikfold mechanism.

Added to these are nine speed settings, a battery indicator, whisper-quiet motor, adjustable bag supports and compatibility with the Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system.

The cool thing about the DHC compared to the regular S1 is its ability to automatically put the brakes on when you start going downhill.

Added to that there’s also an electronic parking brake.

For me, they are possibly the two most annoying things about an electric trolley – running away from you when going downhill and not staying put when on a hanging lie.

The motor automatically adjusts its power output to control the rate of descent without the golfer having to make any adjustment to the pre-hill speed setting.

The new electronic parking brake, which Motocaddy say is the first of its kind in the UK, will hold its position even on the steepest of slopes thanks to a state-of-the-art braking system.

It all sounds great doesn’t it? But let’s put it to the test out on the course.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review – The performance

Firstly, everything about this trolley feel premium once you put it into action. The Motocaddy cart-bags are lovely too.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review

This trolley is smooth, quiet and very easy to operate. But we already knew that about the S1.

We took the S1 DHC to one of most undulating parts of the course at Moor Allerton (the side of the 18th fairway) to test out the automatic downhill braking.

Heading down one of the steepest slopes on the course, I could actually feel the trolley checking up. I was even able to take my hand off the trolley and let it run on it’s own which was very impressive.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review

I then stopped on the very steep slope and applied the electronic brake. This couldn’t be easy to use – simple turn the speed dial the opposite direction until a ‘P’ is displayed.

The S1 DHC wasn’t going anywhere with the brake applied which gives you peace of mind to hit your shot without worrying your trolley won’t be there when you return.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review – NCG verdict

The S1 is a fantastic product and for me, the DHC version is a must if you play on a hilly golf course.

The technology really works makes it worth spending the extra money.

Motocaddy S1 DHC trolley review

An electric trolley represents a significant investment so you want to perform properly on your home golf course.

If you play on a dead-flat track, you’d probably just be better off with the regular S1.

It’s very interesting to see that Motocaddy are only offering the S1 DHC with a lithium battery. It’s only a matter of time before we see other models and brands going down that route.

We can’t fault this trolley in any way. Top marks Motocaddy.


The S1 DHC trolley is available with Lithium battery only at a RRP of £499.99, or £549.99 for the Extended Lithium version.

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