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FootJoy say VersaLuxe can be worn on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant

Market-leaders FootJoy have introduced a new versatile and luxurious spikeless golf shoe.

VersaLuxe – with no prizes for guessing where the name comes from – is a shoe that FootJoy say will able able to be worn seamlessly on and off the golf course.

I wouldn’t say this is the first FootJoy shoe that can easily been worn off the course as the DryJoy and Contour Casuals regularly find their way on to my feet for a day in the office.

But with VersaLuxe we’ve got an added level of class, style and smartness which comes from the premium calfskin leather.

Another bonus is the fact VersaLuxe are waterproof, with a 12 month guarantee, making them a shoe for all seasons.

FootJoy also say that the VersaLuxe shoe is designed to offer outstanding comfort.

A genuine cork covered, ultra-comfortable fit-bed offers an improved fit, while premium leather linings and a suede inner-heel no-slip pocket provide comfort and feel.

“VersaLuxe has been designed as a premium golf shoe that can be worn just as effectively on and off the course,” said Richard Fryer, sales and marketing director.

“It’s got the luxury soft feel of premium leather, but importantly it’s waterproof, making it a high performance product, and is available in 23 different size and width options.

“As we’ve seen with other models like DryJoys Casual, spikeless shoes have proven to be a significant growth area in recent years, however we’ve made a point of not sacrificing performance in these models,” added Fryer.

“We see VersaLuxe as the perfect model for those who want to wear the same shoe on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant at night time.”


Available: March 2016
SRP: £140
Colours: Luggage Caramello, Luggage Black and Chalky Off White.
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