James Savage (17 handicap)

GOLD: FootJoy HyperFlex
SILVER: Puma Titan Tour
BRONZE: Ecco Biom G2


This was very difficult to pick out favourites as every single pair performed well and I’d have no hesitation going out to play 18 holes of winter golf in any of them. HyperFlex stood out for me as it comprehensively ticked all the boxes in what I was looking for.

My balance is terrible but these shoes really help me to create a stable base which improves my golf.

Puma’s Titan Tour were the most comfortable.


I wear a pair of Puma trainers off the course so maybe there’s more than a coincidence there.

Biom G2 felt indestructible while moulding perfectly to my feet.


Dan Murphy (3 handicap)

GOLD: FootJoy Hyperflex/ Ecco Biom Hybrid 2
SILVER: FootJoy Boot
BRONZE: Ecco Biom G2

I can’t split the HyperFlex and Biom Hybrid 2s – I’d be delighted to wear either all year round, and not just in the winter.

Ultimately, they got the nod because they were the most comfortable shoes on test. I felt like they were offering me support when needed, but also total freedom to move in equal measure.

Since this was a winter shoe test, it would have been wrong to ignore FootJoy’s Boot. You must try a pair on – I think you’ll love them.


Finally, and most expensively, the G2s are a great pair of shoes.


1. Fitting is key
We are fortunate enough to have worn enough pairs by enough different brands to know that we might be a 9 in one and a 10 in another.

2. This is (very) personal
Once fitted into the right size, some brands will still just match the shape of our feet better than others. Find out which ones work for you.

3. Horses for courses
Some like a pair of golf shoes for all conditions. However, we don’t think there are many that are ideal in the firm summer months and can still cope with the very soft conditions. However, if your home course stays firm throughout then any form of spikes may not be necessary.

4. Hung-up on looks?
We feel winter golf is about getting out there and triumphing against the elements. Put performance first, ahead of style, every time. They are only going to get muddy anyway.

5. Give it the boot
We weren’t familiar playing golf in boots and despite being apprehensive beforehand both models worked really well. Don’t be afraid to be different.