Our Ecco S-Lite review took place at Fulford in York, where I was watching the R&A Girls Under-16 Amateur Championship.

Ecco S-Lite review: First impressions

The bold, rich colouring used in this range including the contrasting splash of colour on the heel of the shoe is immediately eye-catching. I tested the red version of the S-Lite, which is a very pleasing colour on the eye. There are however plenty of more muted colour tones to choose from if you prefer a more pared-down style.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

The low-profile silhouette gives the shoe a trainer like style, which I and a lot of golfers I talk to really like, and gives them that popular sporty feel.

The materials and styling make this feel like a premium product as soon as you get it out of the box.

Ecco S-Lite review: The technology

The Ecco S-Lite is designed to be both a lifestyle and golf performance shoe.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

The Ecco S-Lite was designed by the principle of design by reduction looking across the shoe at where weight savings could be made without compromising on comfort and performance. 

The new E-DTS Lite outsole is 66% thinner than any previous sole made by Ecco bringing the golfer closer to the ground than ever before. The outsole also provides more than 100 traction studs for stability on the golf course.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

As with all Ecco shoes, premium Yak leather is used which is made in the company’s own tanneries. It is a closed fine-grained leather, which means it is not only exceptionally lightweight but also extremely strong. This is key to allowing a lightweight shoe which stays comfortable for hours on the golf course. 

The Yak leather has diamond-shaped embossing on the upper and is lined with soft textiles, providing natural and breathable properties.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

Ecco also include fluidform technology within the new S-Lite shoe. This is used to bond the upper and outsole of the shoe creating a one-piece shoe without gluing or stitching. This reduces the weight and allows for increased flexibility and durability.

Ecco S-Lite review: NCG verdict

So I’ve only had these shoes a few days but this is my initial verdict from first trying these shoes.

Ultimately these shoes are designed for summer golf as a lightweight option to provide comfort and breathability in warm weather.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

Instantly I could feel the extra flexibility the thinner outsole in this shoe provided. I felt really well connected to the ground and that my foot could follow the contours of the ground more freely.

The traction studs still provided great stability out on the course but I would say the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 had more traction when I tested this.

Ecco s-lite golf shoe review

As with all Ecco shoes these shoes provided optimal comfort out on the golf course. I walked 36 holes with them straight after taking them out of the box and they provided great comfort and support all the way round.

I really like the styling of these shoes and would be happy to wear them both on and off the golf course. I think Ecco have offered a great choice of colours in this shoe too.

Keep your eye out for my complete verdict when I’ve had chance to test this new shoe for a few more rounds.

Ecco S-Lite review: The details

RRP: £160 (men’s), £150 (women’s)

More information can be found on the Ecco website.