They're certainly a treat for the eye, but how did Ecco's new Biom H4 shoes fare out on the course? Hannah Holden put them to the test

Ecco have always been among my favourite golf shoes thanks to their exceptional levels of comfort. For 2021 they have stepped up the styling with some serious sporty looks that I couldn’t wait to get out on the course in.

Ecco have two headline models for 2021: the Biom H4 which I’ll be reviewing here, and the S-Three, which my colleague Dan Murphy has taken care of.

The Ecco Biom H4 have been one of Ecco’s best selling golf shoes in history. To celebrate this the brand are introducing a new BOA line of the shoe.

Ecco Biom H4

I thought the main Biom H4 shoes looked great but I think the addition of BOA just adds to the appearance making them look more sporty and stand out more.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these to give you the low down of how they stack up compared to the laced Biom H4. For now I’lll just leave you drooling over the pictures…

Ecco golf shoe review

Ecco golf shoe review: Biom H4 first impressions

For my money these are the best looking shoes Ecco have ever brought to the market. The sporty trainer style with the bright pops of colour on the side and the sole make this a very attractive model.

Ecco 2021 golf shoe review

Add to that the exquisite colour and patterning on the sole it is easy to understand why many ladies refer to these as my ‘Louboutin’ golf shoes.

Ecco golf shoe review: Biom H4 tech

There is so much technology in this shoe it is hard to know where to start.

The most obvious thing is the modern new trainer like shape which is possible thanks to the brand new last. (A last is an object which mimics the shape of a foot on which shoes are then built.)

Ecco 2021 golf shoe review

Talking of shaping, the heel of the shoe is also slightly wider to give you more stability and extended ground contact.

And – perhaps most importantly in terms of performance – is the remodelled sole. It has three key sections for stability and traction, ground penetration, and rotational support. Overall the big focus here is on the mid foot and heel stability.

Ecco 2021 golf shoe review

As with all Ecco shoes the sole is made from fluidform technology allowing it to be built directly onto the upper without any glue or stitching. This helps with cushioning and also makes the shoe more flexible.

You can see we have Ecco’s premium yak leather on the upper which is extremely strong and durable. And of course the Gore-Tex technology to make these 100% waterproof.

Another really cool technology is called ‘x-tense invisible’ which links the sole directly to the laces for more stability.

Ecco 2021 golf shoe review

Ecco golf shoe review: Biom H4 verdict

So they look great and they’re packed with cool tech. But how did these perform?

In an age where on and off-course versatility is so important to many, it still amazes me how many people don’t trust the stability of spikeless shoes. With the Ecco Biom H4 sole technology you have nothing to worry about as these pack some serious traction.

If you’re after comfort Ecco never disappoint but these are trainer like in the way they feel. I also really like the underfoot cushioning which keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the round.

Ecco 2021 golf shoe review

For such a low-profile design I was really impressed with how supportive these are of the foot throughout the swing. They fit really securely especially around the midfoot and heel. I also like the extra width in the heel which really help keep your feet planted when needed.

Remarkably it has yet to rain when I have been testing these out but I’m sure I will be able to update you on the waterproofing soon. I have been really impressed with the durability of the Yak leather upper though which still looks brand new after quite a few rounds. 

  • RRP: £170 (men’s); £160 (women’s)
  • RRP: £190 (men’s BOA); £180 (women’s BOA)

Visit the Ecco website for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Twitter or Instagram.

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