We will update this Ecco Cool review with video and more feedback after playing some more rounds of golf in them.

This initial Ecco Cool review was conducted on the golf course at Gut Hausern near Munich following our visit to the Gore-Tex testing lab in Germany.

Ecco Cool review – First impressions

This is a very exciting product from a brand that works extremely hard to deliver high quality products that perform on the golf course.

From the first look at the Ecco Cool you can tell it’s loaded with technology and the fact it has been launched in partnership with Gore is further validation of the extensive research and testing it has gone through.

It looks quite different to recent Ecco launches like the Biom G2, Cage or Cage Evo.

The material which runs above the ankle and back of the heel seems to come up a little bit higher and the outsole appears a little thicker.

The pattern and styling is very clean and subtle but the red, white and blue colour combination on the model we tested makes the Ecco Cool very eye-catching.

There’s some intriguing technology here which we’ll get to shortly but what is abundantly clear from the outset is that this looks like a super-premium golf shoe.

Ecco Cool review

Ecco Cool review – The technology

There’s a lot of it. And after a visit to the Gore-Tex lab to learn more about this shoe, I think you could argue that is is possibly one of, if not the most technologically advanced golf shoe ever made.

Gore-Tex work with dozens of companies in outdoor sports by adding their waterproof mebranes to shoes, jackets, gloves etc…

In golf they work very closely with Galvin Green, Under Armour, Adidas and Sunice among others.

They’ve never worked closely with anyone in golf footwear – until now.

What Ecco and Gore set out to create with the Ecco Cool was a golf shoe that was 100 percent waterproof but remained breathable.

It’s a fairly tall order when you think about it because if you’re doing everything prevent the water from outside the shoe getting in, how are you going to allow the moisture in the shoe to get out?

Part of it comes from an advanced air channelling system which runs around the outsole which enhances airflow through a series of channels.

Excess moisture and heat is also able to escape through a Gore-Tex membrane within the the construction of the upper.

Gore-Tex create and test the technology then hand it over to Ecco to create the finished product once they are satisfied it can fulfill the brief.

The level of testing which goes on at the Gore-Tex lab in Germany in staggering – no stone is left un-turned and nothing slips through the net.

Ecco make their own leather and the Ecco Cool features a  very soft, breathable leather that is treated with Hydromax for added waterproofing.

“Being able to provide complete breathability without compromising on waterproof protection is a genuine first in the golf footwear sector,” said Michael Waack, Head of Global Golf at Ecco.

“We’re truly excited about this revolutionary new development and can’t wait for golfers to experience the exceptional comfort, breathability, and protection that Ecco Cool provides.”

There are Champ Slim-Lok cleats for traction and there’s now a removable sole which offers extra width for those who need it.

Ecco Cool review

Ecco Cool review – The results/NCG verdict

We’re big fans of Ecco shoes for their supreme comfort and excellent performance on the golf course.

To me, a pair of Ecco shoes always feels like it moulds nice to the shape of your feet. And the Ecco Cool are no different.

Straight out of the box they feel like a comfortable pair of trainers.

The leather is lovely and soft and the shoe is surprisingly lightweight. This is a proper shoe that is loaded with technology but you wouldn’t necessarily think it once you’ve got them on due to that lightweight comfort.

On the day of testing at Gut Hausern, the course was absolutely saturated after some heavy downpours through the night and the morning.

It really was the ideal testing ground. At times you were walking through puddles or hitting shots from standing water.

During the 18 holes, the traction and comfort were excellent. I really like the way the there’s almost like a sock-lining in the shoe which wraps around your foot to keep it comfortable and secure.

For me, the most interesting results were at the end of the round.

I can categorically say that despite the conditions, no water got anywhere near breaching the shoe. So that’s a massive tick against one of the shoe’s main objectives.

The leather did have some signs of watermarking on it but there’s a handy cleaning and leather maintenance kit which we received along with the shoe.

Now, my feet tend to sweat a fair bit when I play golf and my socks are often pretty damp at the end of a round. They normally get left on a radiator to dry out before putting them in the wash.

But with the Ecco Cool, my socks and feet were completely dry. If you suffer from sweaty feet like me then the Ecco Cool could be a real game-changer for you.

As you’d expect, this product comes with a premium price tag. But Ecco shoes are expensive for a reason.

The brand have no interest in creating budget products because the processes they go through to produce the leather and the shoes means they simply can’t offer products at budget prices.

Yes you will pay a lot but you will get what you pay for and if you’re serious about your golf and want to say goodbye to sweaty feet, then the Ecco Cool will certainly be a step in the right direction.

Available: February 2017
SRP: £220

For more information visit the Ecco website HERE