Our Ecco Cool Pro review took place during rounds at Hillsborough in Sheffield and Moor Allerton in Leeds.

Ecco Cool Pro Review: First impressions

This is an interesting golf shoe for me for the way it takes advantage of some of the new technologies Ecco have introduced recently and puts them into one fantastic-looking package.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

We were fans of the Ecco Cool when we reviewed them last year – a spiked model designed to keep your feet dry while not allowing any water in but letting moisture (sweat) escape.

So we’ve got the ‘Cool’ technology as these shoes are also made with a Gore-Tex lining to make them about as breathable and waterproof as you can get.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

Then on the sole we have the Spydr grip which we first saw in the Ecco Cage Pro golf shoes.

It’s technically a spikeless outsole but when I asked Ecco how it compared with the grip on the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 they told me this Spydr grip was very much more of a performance outsole.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

So expect better grip than you might on the Biom Hybrid 3 which are much more of a crossover shoe to be worn on and off the course seamlessly.

So it makes sense why these are called the Cool Pro right?

Something else you can expect with the Cool Pro is a lovely soft leather which is noticeably premium when you first get them out of the box.

Ecco make all their own leather and choose light, breathable and durable leather for all their golf shoes.

And I think it’s fair to say that the Cool Pro are more aligned with the Biom Hybrid 3 when it comes to style.

Ecco Cool Pro

The original Cool shoes worked fantastically well and did exactly what they were supposed to but won’t win any style awards.

I think when you are spending around £200 on a pair of golf shoes you want them to look the business.

The Cool Pro certainly tick that box with a really smart and stylish design in each of the colour options available

Ecco Cool Pro Review: The technology

We’ve already touched on much of this but there’s also greater cushioning than in previous models with something they call fluidform directly injected into midsole.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

Ecco say the Gore-Tex Surround waterproof construction keeps your feet dry, regardless of the weather, and 360 degree breathability to keep you cool.

There’s an inner stretch neoprene sock which adapts to your foot for optimum comfort.

Ecco Cool Pro Review: On the course

We get that ‘out of the box’ comfort we’ve come to expect from Ecco.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

They instantly seem to mould to the shape of your foot and feel like they have been well constructed using highly premium materials and clever technology.

The Cool Pro also felt a lot more ‘bouncy’ than some of their previous offerings which added to the comfort and also made them feel a little bit more stable.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

But the foot does seem to be sitting a bit higher off the ground than with the low profile Biom Hybrid 3.

However the grip on the outsole of the Cool Pro definitely gave me more traction and stability.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

Ecco Cool Pro Review: NCG verdict

This is my favourite Ecco golf shoe from the past couple of years as it’s ticking all of the boxes I want it to.

It looks superb – vastly improved from the original Cool shoe – and is lovely to wear thanks to the soft premium leather.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

It’s also more comfortable than the Cool. There’s a lovely cushioned bouncy feel which added to both the comfort and the stability for me.

One thing I would say about the Cool Pro is it seems very much more a performance spikeless rather than something you’d expect to wear off the course.

Ecco Cool Pro Review

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have no problem wearing these to drive in so you can save yourself a few minutes when you get to the golf club.

But the Spydr grip outsole seems a little bit slippy when walking on hard floors and concrete.

Ultimately, these shoes are designed with maximum performance, comfort and durability out on the golf course in mind and they certainly fulfil that brief.

Ecco Cool Pro details

SRP: £210

More information can be found on the Ecco website.