Our Ecco Cage Pro review started at the PGA Show in Orlando where we were the first UK media to give the shoes a run-out.

They were worn walking around the PGA Show and then out on the course at Reunion Resort.

Back home in the UK I have tested them out at the driving range and for nine holes at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

Ecco Cage Pro review: First impressions

We’ve already seen the Cage technology from Ecco but this is in more of a spikeless form.

I have to say I was quite skeptical about the Spydr grip on the sole.

Ecco Cage Pro review

Not skeptical about how it would perform on the golf course but how it would perform for everyday walking about and driving etc…

As always from Ecco, this feels like a super-premium product.

The leather is really nice and soft and the whole shoe is very lightweight.

There’s that superb Ecco comfort as well when you slip them on for the first time.

There’s a bit of extra padding on the tongue which helps keep your foot nice and snug.

Ecco Cage Pro review

The grey and bright green colour combination is not one I’d normally opt for but once I had them on I thought they looked great.

Ecco Cage Pro review: The technology

Let’s start with that Spydr grip – what’s that all about?

Well, Ecco say it is less aggressive on the greens, provides outstanding grip in all conditions and minimises clogging of dirt in the sole.

The Cage technology wraps around the heel, midsole and toe area to help ad stability throughout the swing.

Ecco Cage Pro review

By wrapping around the heel, Ecco say they have allowed for a bit more room around the toe  to prevent your feet getting too hot and stuffy.

Ecco Cage Pro review

The leather is treated with Hydromax to make sure it doesn’t let any water in.

All sounds good to me, but how does the Ecco Cage Pro perform?

Ecco Cage pro review: The results

As I said, the Spydr grip sole caused me some initial concerns.

For me a spikeless shoe has to perform off the course or it doesn’t serve the purpose of which it is intended.

Thankfully, I had no issues once I started wearing them.

For me this year, the PGA Show involved a 40 minute drive each morning, a heck of a lot of walking around the Convention Centre in Orlando and hitting balls on launch monitors.

I soon forgot about the Spydr grip and just felt like I was wearing a comfortable, lightweight pair of trainers. They even look smart with a pair of jeans.

So that’s a big tick for the off-course performance.

When it comes to on the course, Ecco are a company who put in a lot of time and resource to ensuring their products work. They have a very much ‘made by golfers for golfers’ feel to their ethos.

So it was no surprise that I enjoyed playing in these over in Orlando and back home in the UK.

They are incredibly lightweight which is surprising for a leather shoe.

I have worn them in a variety of firm and soft conditions and they perform very well in both.

Although, they are the sort of shoes I’d be reluctant to get too muddy.

I can see me wearing these a lot over the summer months as they still offer great traction and stability – something really important to me.

The only place there shoes didn’t perform quite so well was at the driving range.

I was hitting off a very firm mat that had hardly any give so the Spydr grip wasn’t quite going into the mat, causing me to feel a little unstable.

But as I’ve said above, they are ideal for days which involve 18 or even 36 holes. And there’s no need to change your shoes before or after the golf.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for in a spikeless shoe.


SRP: £160

In-store: Spring 2017

For more information visit the Ecco website HERE