East Midlands: Merger of unions planned

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Northhamptonshire Golf Union and Ladies County Golf Association to merge.

A merger between the Northamptonshire Golf Union and the Northamptonshire Ladies County Golf Association moved a step closer after the two organisations sent out details of the proposal to all the county’s clubs.

The two group separately look after all men’s and ladies’ amateur golf in the country and believe the new ‘all-inclusive’ body will benefit the county’s golfers.

Union president Dave Foley said: “There will now be a period of consultation between ourselves and the clubs, so that any queries raised at their respective AGM’s can be answered.”

‘Northamptonshire Golf Limited will oversee all amateur golf in the county’ England Golf are keen to bring all men’s and ladies’ county golf associations together and have provided additional funding for combined groups.

Following the consultation, a set of formal proposals will be but forward at meetings for both organisations early in 2015.

Foley added: “If these proposals are agreed the two bodies will then merge into a single body, called Northamptonshire Golf Limited, which will oversee all amateur golf in the county for the start of the golf season in 2015.”

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