Dan Frost is a leading golf coach and gives golfers of all ability the chance to improve their games by offering free, first golf lesson to all golfers.

Frost uses innovative coaching and video analyses to help break down golfers problems. As well as this, he has his own Youtube channel featuring hundreds of golf instruction and tip videos.

Here he shows us how to improve your swing sequence using the sure-set.

Flex the wrists when driving

To get a visual image of the type of flexion we are working towards take a close look at the golf swings of leading players such as Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka. Two of the real powerhouses on the PGA Tour.

Dustin Johnson

While the typical club player tends to ‘cup’ the left wrist on the way down, top pros tend to flatten theirs. Some even bow their wrist, as illustrated very effectively by the two pros mentioned above.

Even if you don’t have the flexibility or natural playing ability of a tour pro. There are a multitude of benefits that I believe you can enjoy working with the Sure-Set.

Benefits include improving the relationship between wrists, forearms and shoulders as you first load up the backswing. Then work on improving the sequence of movement down.

Using the Sure-Set

The Sure-Set Pro Handle has been designed specifically to integrate this flexion in transition. The really clever part being a rotating handle that allows you to establish a new pattern of movement that will lead to a more efficient golf swing.

The piece of equipment is now being used by over 150 players across the world’s tours and the Pro Handle was designed as a result of feedback from many talented players. All of them trying to achieve this great move in the downswing.

Here are the steps to help you get the most out of the Sure-Set.

Whether you trial the regular Sure-Set, the Junior model or the Pro-Handle. I firmly believe  that with regular practise  you will experience sensations of a new and improved technique which you make your own through repetition. Allowing you to feel, repeat and understand a better, more functional golf swing.