Driver test results: Adams XTD video review

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A triumph of engineering and a heavy duty performer

First impressions: This was one of the only drivers on test to feature in last year’s edition so unfortunately the XTD did have a last year’s feel about it when placed among all this new kit.

However, there’s no need for company’s to release new drivers every year just for the sake of it and the XTD is clearly a strong product.

It’s not the most attractive to look at and some people may not be able to get past the speed pocket on the crown. But Adams have been one of the real innovators in metal wood technology so why not make it visible from the out set. I’m definitely a fan of the retro head-cover.


What they say: Adams say the XTD Driver is made like no other driver in golf. Each head is tested four times to ensure the hottest permissible face within USGA rules

The XTD features cut-thru slot technology which creates a spring-like effect and expands the sweet spot to promote maximum ball speed on off-center and on-center hits.


NCG Verdict: Another product which myself (18 handicap) and Dan Murphy (4 handicap) both had in our testing sets.

It did take me a while to get past the look but there’s no doubt that a good strike with this driver can compete with the best. It can definitely get the job done.

I wouldn’t say it was the most forgiving driver on test which is probably why Dan enjoyed more success with it than I did.

Dan found it to be a real brute – a heavy duty performer which more than makes up in performance what it may lack in subtlety.

It’s hot off the face which is where the slot on the crown really gets to work making it a triumph of engineering. 


SRP: £299 
Lofts: 9, 10.5, 12.5
Stock shaft: Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie
Adjustable?: Yes

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