Yes, says Keel Timmins

I’m completely OK with walk-on music on the 1st tee and I’m pleased that the PGA Tour are looking at new ways to liven things up a little and break away from the weekly norm.

If it means that it can make golf more exciting and more watchable for non-golf fans, then great, go ahead.

But if they truly are set on having tunes on the 1st tee, they should take a leaf out of snooker’s book and how they do it at the World Championship.

Create an arena-like setting where the players are hidden in the tunnel, announce them to the tee, and while they are walking out, play the tunes.

The crowd would be much more engaged and it would create an atmosphere that we rarely see in the sport.

We may see something similar to that at GolfSixes. Hopefully Centurion does a much better job than TPC Louisiana…

No, says Keel Timmins

However, this week’s effort was more like stand-about-being-bored music than actual walk-on music.

The players were announced to the tee, followed by the players’ choice of music being played and everyone looking around asking, “Well what happens now? Do we wait for it to finish before we hit?”

Just look how pumped the crowd were!

It was truly horrendous. Even Patrick Reed pulled his cap over his face in embarrassment. And I don’t think I’ve ever winced as much as when Iron Maiden blared out while Jason Dufner stared stoically waiting for it to end.

Do we really need to spice things up though? I’m certainly not going to tune in just because there’s walk-on music.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: Golf is fine, leave it alone.

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