Everything you need to know as the government's coronavirus guidelines change again

With government policies around the UK changing weekly around the UK, it’s important to keep up to date. So do you need to wear a mask at the golf club?

Do you need to wear a mask at the golf club?

England: If you’re going in the pro shop to get a drink before your round, sign in for the competition, or do some shopping you will now legally be required to wear a face covering.

Those who fail to do so could face a fine of up to £100 which would be reduced to £50 if you pay within 14 days.

Rather than it being down to the club or the professional to regulate this will now be enforced by the police.

However you aren’t required to wear a face covering in places where “it isn’t practical” such as in a cafe or restaurant, so a face covering won’t be required in the 19th hole after your round.

Scotland: The Scottish government’s advice is that “a face covering must be worn by all people using a shop” which they describe as “any indoor establishment which offers goods or services for sale or hire when the shop is open”.

However, it also says “this does not include hospitality premises such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants or pubs”

So wear a mask in the pro shop but it is not necessary if you are eating the club’s bar area.

Wales: Face coverings are not mandatory in Wales, but the Welsh government says in some circumstances where it is difficult to adhere to 2m social distancing “we are advising the use of three-layer, non-medical face coverings”.

Northern Ireland: The advice from the Northern Ireland government is that it is “recommended that you should think about using face coverings in particular circumstances – short periods in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible”.

Anything else?

It is important to note that face coverings are not in lieu of social distancing, which must still be practised all over the UK. And don’t forget to wash your hands or use sanitiser regularly. And absolutely do not touch any of your fellow players’ golf equipment.

Also, you only have to wear a face covering, not a face mask, so this could be a household item such as a scarf or snood.

But remember for a face covering to be of any use, it needs to be something that covers both the mouth and the nose.

Experts also recommend washing fabric masks or face coverings following every use.

There are also certain groups that are exempt which includes those with disabilities and children under 11.

What about on the course?

You won’t be required to wear the face covering on the course but, as discussed, you must continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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