Golf's governing bodies have revealed when their distance insights project report will be released. But what actually is it?

The R&A and USGA have announced the joint report on their distance insights project will be released by February 4, 2020.

If you’re in the dark, it’s essentially an insight into how distance impacts the game by looking at past, present and future data.

The report for the project, which was created in May 2018, was originally slated for this year, but this has been pushed back.

Distance insights project: What are they actually doing?

The organisations will seek distance-related data on pace of play, golf course construction and maintenance practices, the evolution of equipment, golf course design, and player enjoyment and participation.

Discussion forums and focus groups will also be set up to give a wide-range of perspectives on the impact driving distances are having on the game.

The authorities are also asking anyone interested in the topic to provide them with feedback and comments directly.

Distance insights project: What do we know so far?

Back in January the two groups released a distance report covering the 2018 season. Data from the seven major tours was analysed which showed driving distance had increased by 1.7 yards this was after a 3-yard gain was recorded in the 2017 season.

A statement from the R&A and USGA read: “Reinforcing our commitment to ensure that the report is the most comprehensive review of distance to date, we are taking more time to complete our due diligence.

“We appreciate the contributions and support we have received and believe that the data and discussion will benefit the entire golf community.”