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This week there is big news from South Wales, which now has its very own TPC Sawgrass – but don’t worry, they’re not about to move the Players Championship to the valleys. It’s just a mega-rich footballer showing us how mega rich he is.

Anyway, more on that in a bit, because this guy has been back in our lives over the weekend…

Tiger tease

Barely a month has passed since the GOAT got our juices flowing with a little video of him chipping. Well guess what? He’s now hitting full iron shots! Or “smooth iron shots”, as he calls them…

What a world we live in where we get all giddy over the world’s best golfer… hitting a golf ball. I long for the days when all we talk about is his love life. What’s that? He’s got a new girlfriend? Well, this changes everything! Here’s Tiger and Erica Herman at the Presidents Cup…

(Let’s just hope the only photos we see of this relationship involve being fully clothed.)

Big Philly style

The 2018 PGA Tour season is up and running just a few short days after the 2017 season ended. If you ask me, it’s ridiculous – though my colleague doesn’t agree.

Phil Mickelson was in action at the Safeway Open in his native California. And you know what that means – a ‘Phil being Phil’ clip…

Sawgrass in the valleys

While it’s hardly uncommon for stars from other sports to take up our beloved game in their spare time, you don’t see this too often.

Gareth Bale, once the world’s most expensive footballer when he left Tottenham Hotspur for Real Madrid, has had a replica of TPC Sawgrass’ famous island hole 17th built in his back garden.

In his back garden? I feel like I should have written that in capital letters.

And it’s a cracking effort. Check it out…

Gareth Bale Sawgrass 17th

Bale says he will next have a replica of the par-3 8th hole at Royal Troon – the Postage Stamp to you and me – built before adding the par-4 11th from Augusta National.

In. His. Back. Garden.

We’re on the blower to Bale’s representatives now. Watch this space for a Played by NCG. Maybe we could do it next summer, now Bale will have a bit more time on his hands after his Wales side failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Dean girls

Sticking with football, it seems Premier League referee Mike Dean could have his own highlights show each week – check out the brilliant Twitter account @CelebrityRefs if you’re not sure what I’m on about.

Now it seems Dean is thinking about life after he hangs up his whistle. Earlier in the year he was spotted on a bag at the Women’s British Open and this week he has taken advantage of the international snoozefest break to caddie for Camilla Lennarth on the LET in France…

This week’s moan about the ball

A quick flick through those 140 replies will tell you that you need to know: 139 people saying there was no wind, and Tony Johnstone agreeing with Player.

I’m also humoured by the fact that just moments after posting this, Player retweeted this:

You can leave your Hatton

Well, first of all, here’s Tyrrell Hatton as a child…

Secondly, golfers are athletes these days. We know that because it seems to be drilled into us on an almost daily basis.

But don’t feel too disheartened when you see clips of Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth pumping iron in the gym, golf is still a game for us “normal” folk. Exhibit A: Dunhill Links champion Hatton…

He’s also a ketchup-and-mustard-on-the-same-hot-dog kinda guy, which just makes it even better.

Fish out of water

On a similar note, Ross Fisher tweeted this just 24 hours after setting the course record over St Andrews famous Old links…

I mean, where to start with this?

Ross, you’re a multimillionaire, why are you drinking Carlsberg Special Brew?

And you don’t store Baileys in a fridge.

Oh, and one final thing… IT’S 9:53AM.

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