Di Dougherty meets: Dougray Scott

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The famous actor was born in Glenrothes and regularly competes in the Dunhill Links

When did you start playing?
I started when I was six, in Fife.

What is your handicap and where do you play now?
My handicap is 6 and I play at Richmond, in London, and the Centurion club in St Albans.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?
My strength is hard to find at the moment… Usually I would say my short game but it has temporarily deserted me. The weakness is my driving; I spray it all over the place I’m afraid.

Do you have a lot of time to play when working?
I take my clubs everywhere I go. I’m filming in Wales at the moment and have been playing at Celtic Manor, where I’m also a member.

You love the history of the game. Who is the greatest player of all time in your eyes?
Ben Hogan is, in my eyes, the greatest ever swinger of a golf club and his story is remarkable. I think one would have to say that Jack Nicklaus is the greatest player as he won 18 Majors, but had Hogan not had that car accident, I think he would have won many more.

Who would be in your dream fourball?
If you’ll forgive me travelling in time a bit, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods – and me!

Will Tiger win another Major?
I wasn’t convinced he would if he stayed with the same swing coach. Now, who knows…

Which actor is a very good golfer you’ve played with?
The best actor golfer I have played with is Oliver Hudson.

Do you love the Ryder Cup?
Yes! It’s one of the best sporting events in the world and I never miss a second of it.

Who’s the best dressed golfer?
You have to go back in time to find the clothes I like. Hogan always dressed immaculately. I’m not a fan of most modern-day golf clothes or shoes. I collect old-style golf shoes.

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