Your rookie season so far is very much a mixed bag – you’ve missed a few cuts but also got into a play-off and finished runner up at the Players. What is the secret to your success?
There is no secret, just a lot of hard work and self-belief. I’m working on getting a little more consistent so that I can contend more often.

What was it like to be in the final group on Sunday in the PGA Tour’s biggest event?
A lot of fun and a great learning experience since I didn’t know how I was going to be able to respond being in that situation for the first time.

What was it like playing with Sergio Garcia? Did you learn much from him?
He was great to play with. He had a good attitude all day and was a true professional. We got along great and tried to push each other.

What was the atmosphere like on 17 when he went into the water? Did you say anything to him?
The crowds got a little out of hand in my opinion. Not great to hear them cheer for someone’s misfortune. I didn’t say anything about it until after the round.

Did he mention anything about his feud with Tiger Woods to you?

What do you think happened?
It was just unfortunate. I can’t see Tiger doing something like that on purpose.

What was the atmosphere like with Tiger Woods in contention on the back nine Sunday?
I just tried to worry about me and not so much about Tiger, but the crowds were obviously into it and it made for a great tournament.

Your PGA Tour card is now secure for another year. Is that a weight off your shoulders?
It is nice not having to worry about that, but I still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I want to climb the world ranking to get in to the Majors. That is next on the list.

The crowds got a little out of hand in my opinion. Not great to hear them cheer for someone’s misfortune. I didn’t say anything about it until after the round. Jonas Blixt says you take practice rounds very seriously. Is it true you play them in silence?
He probably exaggerated a bit, but I like to go about my business to get ready.

Stats suggest you’re as solid on the greens as you are on the tee, almost leading the distance ranks and in the top 15 in putting. What would you say is your strongest attribute? And, equally, where do you need to improve?
I think I just have a good attitude, which won’t show up in the stats, but I’m good off the tee and my short game is pretty good. Long irons and approach shots are probably the thing I need to improve the most.

You’re an ambassador for Ian Poulter’s clothing line, IJP Design. Have you done their personality test? If so, which Mr are you?
Just did it! Mr. Professional it is.

Do you admire Poulter’s style?
Of course! His style is unique and stands out which is fun and good for golf. It’s not just about looking good, the technical features of his clothing line are just as important as the style aspect.

What do you make of his famous Ryder Cup performances?
He’s been tremendous, obviously. I was watching it all last year. It was unbelievable.

Who do you cheer for in the Ryder Cup? Do you consider yourself European or, like Carl Pettersson, American? Who would you play for given the chance?

Do you think you will ever play on the European Tour?
I think I will play mostly on the PGA Tour, but I would love to come and play some of the bigger events on the European tour as well. Hopefully my play over here will allow me to do so.

What are your goals for the remainder of the season?
I want to get a win, of course, I want to play at least two majors, and I want to get to the Tour Championship.  Most importantly I need to focus on sticking to the process and hopefully things will fall into place.

  • David is an ambassador for IJP Design. Ian Poulter launched IJP Design in 2007 after being unable to find clothes he wanted to wear on the golf course that both looked good and performed well. The brand has created a name for itself as a high quality, unique and exciting golf and lifestyle brand with a fashionable edge.