“In the set-up I try to even my weight up and get the hips neutral. On the way back I have concentrated on loading my right shoulder a bit better and keeping a little bit of width in there, with the angle in the right hand – as opposed to flicking it and losing it on the way back.

“For physical reasons, and a bad back, I keep my knees slightly bent so I can get into the left side a bit better. I shorten off the backswing and then get the club to fall back under the shoulders into impact, trying to get the right forearm over the left forearm so there is a lot of pressure on the shot.

“When I’m swinging well I have a very neutral shot shape.

“A lot of my swing thoughts are done pre-swing with how the right arm and right elbow sit before I hit it which makes it a lot easier. I don’t want to be trying to manipulate it in the swing.

“As I have got older I am bigger and stronger so the movement is more refined. That means I know it better and can cure things more myself. It helps if you know what you’re doing but you need someone to check things because what you perceive as being good might not match up to the reality.”