Danny Willett's hole-by-hole guide to Augusta

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The 2016 Masters champion gives us his take on Augusta National Golf Club's famous 18 holes

There aren’t many people better equipped to take you through an Augusta hole-by-hole guide than a former Masters champion.

Over to you, Danny…


Augusta hole-by-hole 1st

Tea Olive, 445 yards, par 4

This is a fantastic opening tee shot with the crowd so close to you. There are two ways that you can play this, either with a cut driver up the left-hand side and take the bunker on, or you can play it short.

You can’t miss the green long or left.


Augusta hole-by-hole 2nd

Pink Dogwood, 575 yards, par 5

A wonderful par 5. Again, two ways to play it. We tend to hit 3-wood up to the right-hand bunker, or you can be brave and you see some of the guys bomb it over the trap to leave a shorter second shot.

We’ve seen a few guys hole it out their approach down the years because of the way the green slopes. You aim for the back section of that green and it can slope down to that right-hand flag quite easily, as it did for Louis Oosthuizen in 2012.


Augusta hole-by-hole 3rd

Flowering Peach, 350 yards, par 4

Augusta gives you a lot of options for where you want to hit your tee shots depending on where the pins are and how you like playing it.

Here you can either hit a 4-iron down the right-hand side and leave yourself a full wedge in, or you will see guys smash it over the hill and get within 40 or 50 yards.

I think it all depends where the flag is. For a left flag, a short pitch shot isn’t that easy. We work from the flag backwards and take it from there.

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