You’re probably getting fed up of us telling you how important it is to get custom-fitted golf clubs.

Every golf manufacturer and media outlet bangs on about it continually and we must all sound a bit like a broken record.

Now we’re not here on this occasion to reiterate that message. We’re going to assume the message has got through and not one of you would dream about buying anything other than a set of custom-fitted golf clubs.

Custom-fitted golf clubs

But what were are going to do – and what we want your aim for 2018 to be – is make sure you get the RIGHT custom-fitted golf clubs.

We’re not here to brag but, between us, we’ve been fitted 100s of times. We know how a good fitting should go down.

And we know what a bad custom-fitting session looks and feels like.

So here are our top five tips for making sure you get the most of out of your session.

1. Don’t give too much away

We think you should try and start with a blank canvass.

By all means talk about what clubs you like the look of and talk about what shot shapes and ball flights you want to see.

But very often a session for some new custom-fitted golf clubs starts with the fitter asking you what your handicap is and what current irons you play.

Custom-fitted golf clubs

What that often does is it gives the fitter a pre-conceived idea on how the fitting is going to go. Sometimes, they’ll have fitted you before you’ve even hit a shot

Golfers are often pigeon-holed by their handicaps – good players prefer blades, higher handicappers need chunky distance irons.

Let’s just hit some shots and see which works best.

2. Don’t just hit a 7-iron

Again, this is about making the fitter earn his money.

How many people have bought a set of irons after only hitting a 7-iron?

You need to hit the short irons, mid-irons and long irons. And you need to hit your hybrid or first fairway wood to make sure you get the right gapping.

Custom-fitted golf clubs

Ask your fitter about a combo set to see if there’s a different model which is more workable in the short irons or easier to launch in the long irons.

More than three-quarters of tour players have a mixed set of irons.

If you’re spending £500+ on a set of irons then you need to make sure you get it right.

3. Strike is king

We really can’t overstate how important strike is. Especially with the driver.

We don’t expect you to find the middle of the club on every shot but you really need to be fitted on your good shots.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been fitted based on poor strikes. For example, I’ve had fitters take loft off the driver when I’m striking it out of the roof of the club.

custom-fitted golf clubs

Then when I start finding the middle of the club the ball flight is far too low.

Make sure your fitter has some way of measuring your strike with both irons and woods.

That could be face tape, athlete’s foot spray, dots on the ball or a launch monitor like the Foresight GC Quad which can accurately measure the strike.

4. Don’t be afraid to go back

Following on from the last point, we’d even go as far as to say if you’re not hitting it out of the middle then call it a day and come back some other time.

Or at the very least take your custom-fitted golf clubs away, play a couple of rounds and then come back to assess how well everything is working.

Again, this is key with the driver. Many drivers have heaps of adjustability and the way you hit it during your fitting may not match the way you hit it every other day.

custom-fitted golf clubs

So if you’re hitting a hook during your fitting but normally hit a fade, the chances are your custom-fitted driver might need fine-tuning again further down the line.

A fitter can only fit you based on what he sees during your fitting. But if you’re really not happy with the way you are hitting it on the day then don’t get fitted on that basis.

Go away, have a bite to eat and a cup of tea and then go again. Or come back on another day.

It’s better to walk away with nothing than with a set of custom-fitted golf clubs that aren’t right.

5. Double-check the details

We’ve been through custom-fitting sessions where the fitter has been absolutely meticulous throughout.

You’ve tried every single shaft, head and hit the adjustable driver in each of its settings.

Your fitter has left no stone unturned and has found you the perfect set of custom-fitted golf clubs.

custom-fitted golf clubs

But then he writes down regular instead of stiff for your iron shafts. Or blue lie angle dot instead of yellow. Or forgets to note your preference for a mid-size grip.

We’ve had fittings which take a couple of hours then all the important details are scribbled down in a rush at the end.

So make sure you stay engaged during the whole process so you can spot any discrepancies at the end when the final order is being place.

And when your new custom-fitted golf clubs arrive, make sure they are exactly what you were fitted into.

6. Don’t be put off

Please don’t think that getting a set of custom-fitted golf clubs is more hassle than it’s worth.

You really do need to get fitted. But you know that already, right?

Custom-fitted golf clubs