Sophie Walker is a professional golfer who plays on the Ladies European Tour. In this video Sophie talks about the pre-shot routine and why it’s important to not only have a pre-shot routine, but to also practice it to make sure it is the same every time.

Professionals practice their pre-shot routines. This helps them in pressure situations.

They stick to that same routine all the time, be it on the 1st hole, the 18th hole, on a practice round, a pro-am or a tournament.

When I look at amateurs I see they do different things all of the time. They aim left, they aim right, they have one practice swing, two practice swings. They are forever trying to fix what they just did wrong.

I was with an amateur the other day and he hit one left off the first tee. The next hole when stood over the ball he was saying ‘please don’t go left’. As professional we try not to do that. We stick to a routine which will hopefully make the all go where we want it to go.

This is Sophie’s seven-point pre-shot routine that she goes through before every shot.

Everyone’s pre-shot routine is different but if you follow a certain routine try you best to practice that and stick to it.