The governing body have pulled the plug on all of their events for the rest of this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Scottish Golf have cancelled all of their events and performance programmes for the rest of 2020 because of coronavirus. Chair Eleanor Cannon announced the governing body’s decision in a statement to the public and their 575 affiliated clubs.

Stressing that, for now, it was a “time to pull together”, she recognised the continuing pandemic represented a time of “uncertainty and stress” for clubs, committees and members.

Cannon continued: “Scottish Golf, like its member clubs, is having to make some tough decisions in light of a significant delay in our member income, so that we can continue to support our clubs as we come through these difficult times.

“To this end we have furloughed the majority of our employees and made the necessary decisions as regards our season’s calendar of events.

“We have taken the decision to cancel all our events and our performance programmes for the remainder of the 2020 season.”

Concluding her statement, Cannon looked to the future and said: “For now, we must look after each other and the communities that our clubs serve.

“Once we can start playing the game we love again, we will all work together to re-establish golf as the life blood of our communities. Thank you for the commitment you have shown us. We look forward to working with you all both now and in the future.”

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