Greenkeeping teams may be on limited schedules with fewer staff, but that hasn’t stopped them showing how good courses are still looking during the pandemic

It was one of the burning questions on the lips of golfers when courses shut and the lockdown took hold – what would we come back to when the coronavirus pandemic eased?

Industry experts mused about the recovery time that might be needed if greenkeepers weren’t able to get out and work, before BIGGA and the R&A issued some guidance as to what essential maintenance meant during this period.

Many greenkeeping teams have been slimmed down as the furlough measures employed by many businesses up and down the country in the wake of Covid-19 were also used by clubs.

But, if social media is any guide, it looks like we’ll be returning to courses in sparkling condition whenever golf is deemed safe once more.

Course managers and staff from clubs all over the country have been giving us our daily golfing fix with images of their layouts looking in tip-top condition given the circumstances.

So we’ve highlighted some of the best we’ve come across…

How is your course looking at the moment? Are you are a greenkeeper working hard to ensure our layouts are as good as they can be on our return? Send us your pictures, leave a message in the comments or tweet me.

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