Hannah Holden's got her hands on the brand new Cobra Radspeed irons. So how do they perform - and how do they stack up against other models? Let's find out

Following on from the phenomenal success of 2020’s Speedzone range, the brand behind Rickie, Bryson and Lexi has hit the upgrade button and introduced the Cobra Radspeed range for 2021.

More information: Introducing Radspeed – Cobra’s headline range for 2021

The irons have a very cool tech story as they feature the same 3D printing technology we saw Cobra unveil in their recent special edition putter (keep an eye on the channel for more on that later).

The irons feature a 3D-printed nylon medallion, an intricate lattice structure which saves weight in the clubhead and allows Cobra to lower the centre of gravity. But it also dampens harsh vibrations at impact to deliver a lovely soft feel.

So how do they perform? And how do they compare to last year’s Speedzone and the One Length models? As always, if you want the results you’ll have to watch the video to find out…

What else is in the Cobra Radspeed range?

All clothing and shoes used in my videos are supplied by FootJoy. This video was filmed at Hudderfield Golf Club using a GC2 HMT launch monitor.

If you have any questions about the Cobra Radspeed range – or any other gear – feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram.

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