We have already reviewed the entire Cobra 2017 irons line-up on a first hit basis but wanted to bring you a more in-depth Cobra One Length irons review.

Under the watchful eye of our resident pro James Whitaker, we took the Cobra Forged One Length irons to The Golf Shack…

Cobra One Length irons review – The methodology

Our Cobra One Length irons review essentially consists of two parts.

I have spent time testing the Cobra Forged One irons and comparing the numbers against my current variable length irons.

We’ve also had our anonymous big hitter testing the same clubs on Trackman 4 and looking how they stack up against his own clubs.

I tested from pitching wedge to 4-iron, our anonymous big hitter tested from gap wedge to 4-iron.

Cobra One Length Irons review

Cobra One Length irons review – First impressions

I’m definitely a fan of the concept as I feel most golfers, regardless of their ability, see a wider dispersion as they move up into the long irons.

If everyone was more consistent with their longer irons then longer golf courses would become more manageable.

Both me and our resident pro James Whitaker felt beforehand there was a chance the shorter irons would go a bit further and the longer irons wouldn’t carry as far.

I’ve had a go with both the King F7 One Length Irons and the King Forged One Length irons and think the looks and feel of both clubs are fantastic.

Cobra King Forged Tour

If One Length isn’t for you, I’d still recommend you consider the Cobra King F7 and Forged Tour irons in variable length.

Cobra One Length irons review – The technology

The theory is pretty simple. Each club from gap wedge to 4-iron is the length of a 7-iron.

This means there’s one set-up, one ball position, one swing for each of your iron shots.

If you think about it, you’d have three wedges in the bag with a shaft length that’s the same and the difference in distance is just determined by the loft.

That’s Cobra’s theory. You put the same swing on each of your iron shots and let the loft and technology in the head take the ball the required distance.

Cobra say progressive weighting and technology throughout the sets in the F7 One Length and Forged One Length ensures consistent trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges.

Research by the brand showed players testing the King One Length irons improved in accuracy, with tighter distance and dispersion variation from shot-to-shot, leading to increased confidence and better iron play.

Cobra One Length irons review – The results

Dealing with how I got on first, my carry numbers with my own irons from PW to 4-iron were: 106, 120, 134, 147, 160, 165, 182.

Cobra One Length irons review

Then with the Cobra Forged One Length my carry numbers from PW to 4-irons were: 114, 123, 130, 145, 150, 162, 170.

Cobra One Length irons review

I play off 17 so am not the most consistent of players and what I found when hitting my own irons was just how much harder work it was after the 7-iron.

Yes, I did lose a bit of distance in the longer irons with the One Length but I was far more consistent and I didn’t feel like it was hard work at all.

Ok, so my own 4-iron went 12 yards further when I ripped it but I didn’t rip it very often.

I found I was hitting the 170 number with the One Length 4-iron time after time.

I’d also say that I wouldn’t normally use a forged, bladed-style golf club. My current irons are fairly large, cavity-backed cast iron heads which offer loads of assistance in the long irons.

A combo set of Forged One in the short irons and F7 in the long irons would be right in my wheelhouse.

As you can see in the video above, our anonymous big hitter, who had a bad back on the day, also had very similar results.

There wasn’t much difference in the numbers between his own and the Forged One Length clubs.

The spin and launch numbers were virtually identical with both sets of irons.

There was a small gap between the 5 and 4-iron in the Forged One.

Not many amateur players will have consistent success with a bladed 4-iron so may opt for something larger or even break the set there and use a 4-hybrid.

But for the very first time of hitting these clubs the consistency and gapping was very good. Which makes me think this would only improve over time.

We didn’t really see the wider dispersion in the shorter irons which we had anticipated. The shorter irons were very consistent for both players.

Cobra One Length irons review – Conclusion

Well I’m definitely a fan. These irons would definitely help me become more consistent with my longer irons which is certainly an area which I feel could help my handicap come down.

Our resident pro James Whitaker is less convinced but was starting to come round after this test.

He has been teaching golfers for years using variable irons and has seen them have very good success. If it isn’t broke then why try and fix it he would say.

He also makes the point that if it was the way forward then why is only one tour player – Bryson DeChambeau – using single length irons?

We will have to wait and see if any other players adopt this method.

As with all golf equipment you need to test it out to see if it’s right for you. Don’t dismiss this theory without trying it for yourself.

I could definitely play with Cobra One Length irons and will be on to the brand about getting a set of King F7 One Length to test to see if I can increase my gaps a bit at the top end of the bag.

At the end of the day this is fun and exciting which is exactly what we want golf to be.

For more information visit the Cobra website HERE