Cobra's LTDx range is completed with their irons. Hannah Holden's a fan, and she has everything you need to know


Cobra LTDx irons: The line-up

Full length or One Length? There is a Cobra iron option for you…

Cobra LTDx irons
Cobra LTDx

The main model in the that will suit the vast majority of golfers. This comes with variable length shafts as standard and is offered in 4-PW or 5-GW

Cobra LTDx irons
Cobra LTDx One Length

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Bryson DeChambeau the One Length offering is for you. These feature progressive steel shaft weights throughout the set to dial in launch

Cobra LTDx irons
Cobra LTDx Women’s

There is also a women’s offering with a lighter ladies flex shaft and smaller grip. This is available from 6-SW


More in the Cobra LTDx range

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