It's the season of new gear and Cobra have something for everyone with their new range of Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods

Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods: The Technology

The SpeedZone fairway woods feature the CNC milled face, though it remains central. The headline is an improved split rail structure featuring hollow rails, which flex more to create a 70% larger hot spot promoting higher launch and more ball speed.

I’ll let Jose take it from here…

Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods: The results

We tested out the new Cobra Speedzone fairway woods using the GC2 at Grooves Golf before taking them out on the course. Typically, I think fairway woods are the hardest club to be fit for as they need to perform in a lot of different scenarios.

They haven’t always been my favourite club in the bag and I’ve previously put three hybrids in play to avoid using a 3-wood. But I have to say I really enjoyed testing these fairway woods from Cobra. Offering three different models – Tour, Big Tour, Speedzone – is a really great way to ensure there’s a club for everyone.

Aesthetically, my favourite model was the Tour – due to the small hybrid-like shaping but also the simple classic look at address. As you move through the range the heads get bigger and feature additional yellow detailing to distinguish between them.

Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods

Distance-wise, the Tour model really performed well – giving me upwards of 210 yards carry on my best shots. However, the reduced forgiveness meant my average carry came down to 205.6 yards when taking mis-strikes into account.

Due to the slightly larger head, I lost a little yardage at the top end but was more consistent with the Big Tour model, averaging 207.1 yards carry. You could definitely see how the deeper face was helping me out on my off-centre strikes.

And, perhaps surprisingly, my average carry with the standard Speedzone offering was only 202.1 yards – the shortest of the three. I launched this one the highest, which perhaps explains the drop off. However, my dispersion was best with this club so it depends what your performance priorities are.

Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods: NCG Verdict

Overall, I was really impressed by the whole Speedzone fairway wood range. Even though each club is different and offers something distinct I found I hit them all really well and got great performance out of each model.

Aesthetically, the Tour model was my favourite but I actually found the performance of the Big Tour suited my game more –  providing me with better forgiveness when the strikes weren’t perfect.

Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods

Visually, it still has the really classic, simple look that I like with just a touch of yellow in the logo on the crown. I found the front weighting really helped my trajectory as typically I hit it too high and this helped control my ball flight more.


Available: January 24, 2020

RRP: £229

Stock shaft: UST Helium 4 (LF), MCA Tensei AV Blue 65 (Reg, S), Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 (S, XS)

More information: Cobra website

We used the GC2 launch monitor by Foresight Sports at Grooves Golf in our testing. Yorkshire’s most advanced golf academy was founded by PGA professionals and uses state-of-the-art technology to help golfers practise, have lessons and use their golf simulators all year round.