Take a look at what we found when we tested the new Cobra King Speedzone drivers with a CNC milled infinity face to maximise your distance

Cobra King Speedzone driver: The Technology

The biggest headline is the CNC milled face, which is designed to generate maximum ball speed, and has been increased by 95% compared to the F9 Speedback from last year. The new infinity face is designed to give you more control with off-centre strikes as well as maximising the potential of the sweet spot. Cobra said in testing they found it to be five times more precise than the Speedback.

Cobra King Speedzone driver

Cobra are also offering the SpeedZone Xtreme driver, which features a slightly larger shape profile with more perimeter weighting and a 17-gram tungsten weight that sits behind the rear exhaust pipe design to achieve the company’s highest measured MOI to date.

Here’s Jose Miraflor, Cobra’s vice president of marketing, to talk us through the new drivers…

Cobra King Speedzone driver: The Results

The first thing I noticed over the ball is the new infinity face, which pools round onto the top of the clubhead. The contrast of colours can make the clubhead look a bit busy but it also frames the face – acting as a really good alignment aid at set-up. I would also say the club sits slightly more open than other drivers on the market, which suits my eye as I generally tend to miss it left. The two models are very similar in styling, but the Xtreme model is slightly larger – especially at the rear of the clubhead.

Cobra King Speedzone driver

There’s quite a big difference in trajectory between the two drivers. The Xtreme model flies significantly higher, due to the back weighting, so it is a great option for someone who needs some help launching the ball more.

I found I was getting more distance out of the Xtreme model – carrying it 219 yards compared to 213.8 yards on average with the standard Speedzone model.

Generally, I would say I found this model easier to hit and was benefitting from the added forgiveness. My off-centre strikes were still controlled and finding fairways. I tested this out in a 10.5° head and, as I already hit the ball quite high, I would probably benefit from slightly less loft. But I would say most people would make gains from launching the ball higher.

Cobra King Speedzone driver

In contrast, Andy preferred the standard Speedzone model. He has pretty high clubhead speed so is looking for something which is going to control his spin. He also likes to see a lower more controlled ball flight, so the lower launch with the Speedzone suited his game more.

Cobra King Speedzone driver: NCG Verdict

A big key across both models is the tremendous consistency and feel off the CNC face paired with the great acoustics. The sound off the face is really important for a lot of golfers and Cobra have definitely ticked the right boxes here. Across the range, everyone is going to have a model which suits their game more so it’s important to know which driver has the qualities to help your game.

Cobra King Speedzone driver


Available: January 24, 2020

RRP: £349

Stock shaft: UST Helium (Reg), Tensei CK AV Blue 65 (S, Reg), Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60 (XS, S), and Aldila Rogue Silver 60 (X-S, S). Plus over 20 premium shaft upgrades available via custom fitting at no extra cost.

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, (Xtreme only) 12° 

More information: Cobra website

We used the GC2 launch monitor by Foresight Sports at Grooves Golf in our testing. Yorkshire’s most advanced golf academy was founded by PGA professionals and uses state-of-the-art technology to help golfers practise, have lessons and use their golf simulators all year round.

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