Our Cobra King F7 vs. Cobra King Ltd driver test took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds, where conditions on the day were chilly but calm.

ABH hit shots from the Shack bay out on to the driving range with the data monitored by Trackman 4. The launch monitor was set up by our resident pro James Whitaker who uses the normalised feature to take weather conditions out of the equation.

We were using range balls but the Trackman was set up to record data as if we were using premium balls. ABH hit all the shots after getting properly warmed up and testing out a few different shafts.

He preferred the look at address of the King F7+ to the regular F7 so this was the model used for the test.

There was no advantage to the driver which was hit second which in this case was the Cobra King F7+.

Cobra King F7 vs. Cobra King Ltd – The methodology

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

The Cobra King Ltd was released about 18 months ago and was put in play by Cobra’s top boy Rickie Fowler.

He won the Players and the HSBC Abu Dhabi with it so it was obviously working well for him.

But at the start of 2017 he switched up to the King F7+.

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

We thought it would be interesting to see if we could find any reason why he might have made the switch.

ABH hit five or six shots with each driver while myself and James Whitaker monitored the data.

Cobra King F7 vs. Cobra King Ltd – The technology

The King Ltd saw the introduction of Cobra’s spaceport technology – a see-through and removable disc which allowed you to see inside the driver.

It was a little bit of a gimmick but was also about dragging the centre of gravity down.

The crown uses super-light carbon materials to allow allow more weight to be placed low in the club.

Cobra King LTD blackout

With the King F7 there’s the same materials in the crown but the weight-savings are used for three discretionary weights on the sole.

There’s one heavier weight which can be placed forwards for a lower, penetrating flight, back for a bit more spin or into the heel to promote a draw.

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

Cobra King F7 vs. Cobra King Ltd – The results

Both drivers were very consistent here – our anonymous big hitter obviously enjoyed both clubs.

We’re not surprised by this as Cobra make fantastic drivers and each of these models, in our opinion, are better suited to the better player.

The regular F7 model should suit golfers of all abilities.

So first up with the Cobra King Ltd we were getting ball speeds of about 165mph, a nice ball flight, carry of about 280 and totals just over 300.

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

I would say that is typical for ABH. If we put an average up for the TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping and Titleist drivers that ABH has hit so far this year those numbers would be about bang on.

With the King F7+ we were seeing slightly faster ball speeds and a really nice penetrating ball flight.

We had the heavier weight in the forward position which was probably helping this.

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

But the all-round performance and forgiveness was very impressive. We didn’t notice much of a drop in ball speed on slight mis-hits.

A few shots got up to 167mph ball speed which is just a few shy of the fastest we’ve seen so far this year from ABH.

Cobra King F7 vs. Cobra King Ltd – NCG Verdict

We believe that drivers are Cobra’s strong suit. The King Cobra brand has been very strong ever since we saw Greg Norman reach world No. 1 back in the early 1990s.

The brand have had a reputation for being loud and colourful in recent years which we think has detracted a bit from how good their products are.

These two drivers can go toe-to-toe with anything on the market at the moment form a performance point of view.

Cobra King F7 v Cobra King Ltd

There are silver, black and blue colour options with the F7 drivers which is a bonus.

Another bonus with all Cobra drivers for 2017 is the Arccos GPS tracking system built into the grip.

It syncs with an app on your phone and gives detailed information about your driving distances and dispersion.

Cobrs King F7 driver review

So if you’re in the market for a new driver this year, you’ve seen here that the Cobra F7 and King Ltd stack up from a numbers point of view and there’s a little bit extra on offer.

If you’re wondering whether to go for the King Ltd or F7, we’d recommend the latter on the basis of its adjustability.

That was one of the reasons Fowler went for it. It gives him the option to set it up differently for different courses and conditions.

We feel it gives golfers the chance to get dialled in a bit better than with the King Ltd.

More information on both drivers can be found on the Cobra website.