Our Cobra Forged Tec Black irons review took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We gathered data using a SkyTrak launch monitor during multiple sessions at Leeds Golf Centre.

Cobra Forged Tec Black irons review: First impressions

As I’m sure you all know, I’ve been using the Cobra Forged One irons this year.

Cobra Forged Tec Black irons review

But Cobra have since releases the Forged Tec Black – which are also available in One Length.

Bryson Dechambeau uses the Forged One so there is a bit of a nagging voice in my head telling me I should be using something a bit more friendly and forgiving.

Cobra Forged Tec Black irons review

So maybe the Forged Tec Black – released this spring but we’ve only just been able to get out hands on – could be the answer?

They are still fairly compact but have a little bit more bulk than the Forged One.

Cobra Forged Tec Black Irons review

I’m a big fan of the black finish and black shaft which gives these irons a really modern feel.

I’d say they filled me with a bit more confidence from the address position than the Forged One but I already know I can play comfortably with the slightly sleeker model.

Cobra Forged Tec Black irons review- The technology

Cobra have tried to offer the best of both world’s with the Forged Tec Black by still providing a crisp sound and feel but also adding a bit more speed and distance.

These irons have a multi-material TEC (Technology Enhanced Cavity) construction with a faster forged steel face, a carbon fibre medallion behind the cavity and tungsten weighting for stability.

Cobra Forged Tec Black Irons review

Cobra say these elements work in unison to deliver the ultimate blend of distance, forgiveness, and precision.

And the black finish is not all about aesthetics.

The DBM (Diamonised Black Metal) technology  provides extreme wear resistance and reduced glare.

We’re told the process chemically implants the black finish into the club head, increasing durability, without affecting playability, for longer lasting, better looking irons.

That’s the lowdown on the Cobra Forged Tec Black irons – but how did they perform? Find out the results and our verdict on the next page…