Our Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver test took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We have already done a ‘first look’ review of the Cobra F9 driver but haven’t gone into any detail in terms of launch monitor numbers yet.

So we thought we’d put it up against the other big driver which was launched at the back end of 2018 to see how the numbers compare.

We tested both drivers using a SkyTrak launch monitor using premium golf balls.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver test: The methodology

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

As well as hitting a load of shots with each driver on the launch monitor to compare the numbers, we also took both drivers out on to the course at Moor Allerton to see how they performed in proper conditions.

We used the Project X Hzrdus Smoke shaft in each head with a loft of 9.5˚.

I had been for a full custom fitting with both the Titleist TS2 and the Cobra F9 so both products were set up correctly for me.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

When it comes to the data, I’m looking at ball speed first and foremost but obviously launch and spin are very important too.

With the on-course testing it’s very much about how the driver looks and feels over the ball.

Does it feel me with confidence to be able to find the fairway time after time? Do I feel like I can hit draws and fades with them?

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver test: The technology

I’d put both of these drivers into the ‘fast and forgiving’ category.

They have been designed for maximum speed through the air with a big focus on aerodynamics.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

There’s a big focus on both with the CG placement being low and deep to promote high launch, more stability and forgiveness.

Cobra have raised the back section of the F9 slightly which they say will further improve the aerodynamics.

Cobra F9 vs. Titleist TS2 driver

There’s also the CNC milled face which we first saw on the F8 models. This improves consistency and actually results in different lofts across the face to help improve the performance on heel and toe strikes.

Titleist have their thinnest ever face on the TS2 which is so thin they had to laser the lines on it rather than etching them in.

OK, enough of the small talk, find out which driver performs best on the next page…