Our Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway wood reviews have taken place following the brand’s launch event at Oulton Hall in Leeds.

These are very much ‘first look’ reviews as the products are not available to buy until January 2019.

As with out F9 driver and F9 irons reviews, we’ll be bringing you more in-depth launch monitor numbers early next year.

Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway wood reviews: First impressions

Cobra F9 hybrid

This is an area where Cobra have really impressed over the past couple of years.

They have introduced their baffler rail technology to these clubs which I think is a smart idea.

And they are once again offering their hybrids in One Length – another great move.

Cobra F9 hybrid

Cobra told me that they had loads of people buying the One Length hybrid even though they didn’t use One Length irons.

We’ve got similar technologies here to the F9 driver and the same black and yellow ‘hero’ colour option.

Cobra F9 hybrid

There’s also a more compact F9 Tour fairway available for 2019.

Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway wood reviews: The technology

So we’ve got similar aerodynamics and weight saving tech to the driver to get you a bit more clubhead speed.

These weight saving also allow weight to be strategically placed for ideal launch and spin.

Cobra F9 hybrid

Cobra say the fairways have a fixed 15g tungsten weight positioned low and back to promote high, towering ball flights and maximum forgiveness.

In the hybrids there is a 10% larger clubhead compared to F8, creating a higher MOI for increased forgiveness.

Cobra F9 hybrid

There’s also a leading edge that allows golfers to align the club to the target similar to how they would with an iron for improved accuracy.

It’s interesting to see the CNC milled face added to the fairway woods this year which will result in more consistency from model to model.

Cobra F9 hybrid

Cobra say the milled face can deliver up to 2.5mph more ball speed compared to traditional hand polished fairway faces.

And the rail technology is progressive through the fairway woods and hybrids to offer more turf interaction as and when you need it.

I do really like the idea of rails on fairway woods and hybrids as it serves as a reminder of how they are supposed to be deployed.

Cobra F9 hybrid

You need to be hitting down on the ball, not trying to pick it off the surface.

I think these rails can stop us from being afraid of the turf and allow is to strike down properly with our fairways and hybrids.

That’s the lowdown on the technology – click through to the next page to see how these clubs perform…