Our Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids review took place at The Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We had already hit the product at the launch event in London in September but were keen to get some launch monitor numbers back up here in Yorkshire.

Thanks to PGA professional James Whitaker we were able to use his Foresight GC Quad to capture some data.

We tested a 3-wood set to 14.5˚ (the same loft as my current Ping G400 gamer) and 19˚ hybrid (the same loft as my Callaway Big Bertha OS).

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids review – First impressions

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

It is interesting to see that we have the baffler rail technology on both the fairway woods and the hybrids.

And they both also have the Cobra Connect Arccos system built into the grip.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

We’ve got the same Nardo grey colours at the F8 drivers which I think looks great.

However the driver and fairway woods have a really stylish blend of the Nardo grey and the black from the carbon fibre on the crown.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

I’m not saying the hybrid doesn’t look good – it just doesn’t look as good as the fairway and driver.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

But something cool the hybrid has which the other two don’t is the fact it is available in One Length – so you can get it with a 7-iron shaft in.

Cobra F8 hybrids

It feels like a child’s club when you address the ball with it but it’s super easy to hit.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids review – The technology

So the rails help the club glide through the turf more easily and they are progressively more pronounced. For example, the 5-wood rails are deeper than those on the 3-wood.

Both the fairways and hybrids have the same Aero 360˚ technology as the driver which helps to reduce drag on the downswing and add clubhead speed.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

The carbon fibre crown on the fairway isn’t just to look good – it saves weight which is then repositioned to lower the centre of gravity.

A new forged stainless steel insert claims to have more ‘hot spots’ away from the centre to improve speed on heel and toe strikes.

The hybrid has a fixed low and back weight which lowers the CG and produces a high ball flight.

With the One Length version there’s an upright lie angle and a heavier head weight.

A larger internal weight pad allows the CG to be moved lower and deeper resulting in an even higher trajectory – benefiting golfers who struggle to hit their One Length long irons up in the air.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids review – The results

These results are very much on a ‘first hit’ basis. We expect to do more extensive on course testing next year.

But the sound and feel of both these clubs is excellent and much improved from the F7 range.

With a 3-wood I’m hoping for 220 yards of carry and with a 19˚ hybrid I’m after 200 yards of carry when I hit one out of the screws.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids

Both these clubs delivered those numbers which is always pleasing to see. With a proper custom-fitting I’m sure the dispersion would be much tighter.

I was especially impressed with the 3-wood as it looks stunning, filled me with plenty of confidence at address, sounded and felt great and went the distance I wanted it to.

This is a club I would happily put in the bag for 2018.

Cobra F8 fairways and hybrids review – NCG verdict

We’ve said much the same in our F8 driver and irons reviews – Cobra have some fantastic product for 2018 and it seems to be right up there with all the other brands.

Throw in the Cobra Connect and One Length options and there are some very impressive packages available.

They don’t seem afraid to try new things – and everything they try seems to be aimed at making the game easier or more fun.

Just take the One Length hybrid as an example – yes it feels a bit silly when you address the ball but it takes a lot of stress and effort out of hitting a good shot. And the technology does what it’s supposed to do.

Don’t discount any of the F8 products until you’ve given then a hit.

More information can be found on the Cobra website.

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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