What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Tom Irwin brings you the low down on Cobra's new Aerojet LS driver

How does the Cobra’s low spin iteration of the Aerojet perform? Find out in our Cobra Aerojet LS Driver review.

Cobra Aerojet LS driver review: NCG Summary

aerojet driver
Titleist TSR2 driver review

A driver for the young at heart, screams speed and flies off the club head regardless of the bit you use…


  • Very cool looks, screams go faster!
  • Flat set up = anti left!
  • Very compact head
  • Fast club head speeds
  • Very consistent ball speeds


  • Needs a re-grip for my average hands

Cobra Aerojet LS driver

Now: £429
Cobra Aerojet LS

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Cobra driver 2023: First Impressions

I bought some ice white Adidas Gazelles recently. I wear them all the time. They are so white they make my eyes hurt a bit, but they make me feel like it is 1995 and I am a still a man about town. That is how this Cobra driver makes me feel. Like I am young, virile and pound 300 yard drives in my sleep. It just looks fast.

Like me and my Gazelles though it has some old school qualities. Checkout the picture of the crown below it is compact, and a traditional pear shape. The sole is similarly curved which gives lots of flexibility with how you sit it behind the ball and makes it feel workable.

cobra driver 2023

The carbon crown gives way to an all-black line across the top of the face, which combined with the centred Cobra symbol makes for easy alignment, whilst being unfussy. I quite like how all the go faster stripes are on the sole, whilst the bit I can see at address is much more understated. Like a classic sports car where all the grunt is under the hood.

NCG Review

As a result of all of those curves, the Aerojet driver is seriously aerodynamic. The sole and the crown have more curve than the 2022 Cobra LTDx LS, and it shows in the speeds. My club head speeds are variable depending on the state of my back and how cold it is and on a damp range. First up, I was delighted with numbers averaging around 110mph

I hit it all over the face, who doesn’t, and was extremely surprised with my ball speeds on off-centre strikes. The black titanium on the sole adds a lot of performance benefits, Cobra calls it a Titanium Power Bridge. In this LS model, it moves the centre of gravity forward for more speed, and connects the heel and toe for more forgiveness. In practice, that was giving me a variable of just 4mph in ball speed on my best and worst strikes.

Cobra aerojet ls driver

Interestingly, this LS model is flatter than a standard driver. I hate seeing the ball going left, and as you can see from the Trackman data below, this was helping me stay on or right of the target. Even huge toe strikes weren’t nose-diving left.

It massively helps me with performance if I feel I can swing hard at something and not see the ball flying off to the left. This driver gave me a lot of confidence. Much more so than a big head or jazzy graphics.

That is a massive win for me and the Aerojet LS, it is offering me understated, old-school looks but technology that is helping me swing with confidence.

ball speed

I am testing most of this years low spin drivers, I like a lower ball flight and play most of my golf at heathlands or links where the ground and the wind mean I want to see the ball out of the air most of the time.

Important to say though, I do not generate loads of spin so as with all the low spin drivers to get the best out of them I had to jack the loft of the Cobra Aerojet LS. In this case from 9 degrees, to just over 10. That does mean I am losing some of the benefit of that flat set up.

So I think if I was to game an Aerojet LS I would go for a 10.5 degree or possibly higher and then loft it down with the adjustability, perhaps that would give me the best performance and eradicate left for good!

aerojet driver

On Course

I went out onto the course at Royal Obidos and hit some shots with this driver and all of the other LS drivers on test for 2023. I tried the driver from 3 different tees, one elevated, downwind looking for a high bomb, and two others requiring quieter shaped shots.

In summary, It really does feel like a driver-you-can game. A little squeezed fade is no problem, getting it to draw somewhat harder, but when you open your shoulders from a high tee, downwind all of that confidence, speed and the low spin really pays off. It is seriously long, as are the fairway woods, all in all, a really interesting option for your new golf clubs; watch out Lexi Thompson there is a new bomber in town.

Testing Protocol

To test this product we travelled to West Cliffs a leading European golf course just North of Lisbon. The idea was to get some warmer weather and escape our frozen British courses. It of course rained, a lot, was very windy. Each of our test team were allocated a category of golf clubs, fairways, or a specific type of driver or iron.

We gathered data on a Trackman 4 or FlightScope. We used Titleist Pro V1 for all tests. The samples we have are either fully fitted for our testers or ordered in our assumed specs. We are then able to optimise performance by swapping shafts and playing with the adjustability. As well as that dry testing all of the product was tested on course in a comparative environment with other product from the same category. We recognise that no testing process is perfect and just aim to be fair in our treatment, transparent in our process and candid in our feedback.

Cobra Aerojet LS driver review: The Details

Available: 3rd February

RRP: £429

Lofts: 9° & 10.5°

Stock shafts: MCA Kai’li Blue 60, Project X Hzrdus Black Gen 4, MCA Kai’li White 60

Grip: Lamkin Crossline

More information: Cobra website

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Tom Irwin

Tom is a lifetime golfer, now over 30 years playing the game. 2023 marks 10 years in golf publishing and he is still holding down a + handicap at Alwoodley in Leeds. He has played over 600 golf courses, and has been a member of at least four including his first love Louth, in Lincolnshire. Tom likes unbranded clothing, natural fibres, and pencil bags. Seacroft in Lincolnshire is where it starts and ends.

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