Augusta bound? The club golfer chasing his Masters dream

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Steve Carroll wants nothing more than to see The Masters in person. Could NCG's Top 100 Tour give him a lifeline? Find out in the latest Club Golf Journeys

Is there anything more special for golfers than the first glimpse of the azaleas at Augusta in early April? For most of us, The Masters beckons the start of the season but how many of us have actually managed to see the sport’s most hallowed fairways with our own eyes?

I’ve entered the ticket ballot for years, tried to put some pounds together to buy a package, but all to no avail.

Then NCG’s Top 100 Tour offered a potential lifeline.

With a first prize in the inaugural running of a trip to Masters Sunday, all I needed to do was negotiate a qualifying event and then win the grand final at Ganton.

So I found myself in a corner of Kent, at the delightful Littlestone, with my golf bag and a Masters dream.

See how I got on in the latest episode of Club Golf Journeys…

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The full schedule for NCG’s Top 100 Tour 2019 will be announced on Friday.

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