What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Nicola Slater brings you the low down on the new Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland has just released their latest edition in the RTX wedge series, the RTX 6 ZipCore. Could this be Cleveland’s best performance wedge yet? Let’s put it to the test and see how it performs…

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge review: NCG Summary

4.5 star review

The RTX 6 ZipCore is Cleveland’s ‘blade wedge’. Designed for low to mid-handicappers it’s been pumped with technology that increases spin in all situations. Two extra grooves have been added from the previous RTX ZipCore and much more texture on the face.

Cleveland offers the RTX 6 ZipCore wedge in a range of different lofts and grinds meaning there is something to suit every golfer.


  • Sleek design
  • Great range of lofts and grinds
  • A great amount of spin


  • Less left-handed lofts

First Impressions

This is a great-looking wedge. I’ve been a lover of Cleveland wedges for a good few years now having owned a set of RTX 4’s, I currently use a set of RTX ZipCore which is the previous generation to the new RTX 6 ZipCore wedges.

Design-wise Cleveland has made some subtle changes. The ZipCore and Cleveland wording has moved further up the back of the wedge. The face of the wedge has two extra grooves and much more texture than before. The RTX 6 comes in two different finishes the tour satin and this black satin finish which I got to test.

NCG Review

The RTX 6 ZipCore is Cleveland’s answer to a ‘better players’ wedge. Centred around maximum spin and consistency, Cleveland has used a mixture of their ‘zip’ technologies to improve this. The UltiZip technology used means that the spacings between the grooves have been tightened, allowing for anything i.e water, sand, or grass, between the club and the ball to escape better. The grooves are also the sharpest yet in an RTX wedge.

In order to increase the level of spin consistency, Cleveland has used their HydroZip technology. Each wedge has had a different level of face blast, depending on the loft. Higher lofts received more of a blast and more micro grooves, creating more texture on the face. This texture is there to help consistent spin and wet and dry conditions.

As I previously mentioned, I currently use a set of RTX 4 ZipCore wedges. For me, over the ball, they look almost identical. I liked this though as I enjoy the shape and style of the RTX wedge at address and it’s nice that this is still the same. Feel wise I would be lying if I said they were massively different, if anything this was a little softer off of the face. I liked how the face was a little darker thanks to the HydroZip tech as it stopped any glare when the sun hit the wedge.

Spin wise my current one-year RTX ZipCore 54-degree on GC Quad produced very similar spin numbers to the RTX 6 ZipCore 56 degree which I tested. Which in a way proves the great durability of the Cleveland wedge grooves but also not loads more generated by the RTX 6. Cleveland has also added an additional grind to the RTX 6 ZipCore set. On top of their Low, Mid, Full, they now offer Low+, which is the same shape as the Low but with an added two degrees of bounce. This great range of choice means there’s something there to suit every golfer.

Overall, this is a classic Cleveland wedge that looks great and does exactly what it says it’s going to.

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £139.95

Lofts: 46˚, 48˚, 50˚, 52˚, 54˚, 56˚, 58˚& 60˚

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

More information: Cleveland Golf

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Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf. Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton and Woodsome Hall Golf clubs, she currently plays off +2. She plays for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level.

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